What Do You Need Most?

Wanting a better life is a motivation that moves us all, but sometimes, the best way to make it real isn't quite clear to us. It's very easy to say we want to be happier or more successful, but in most cases it's hard to know what will exactly do it - Do we need better work? Better living conditions, a better relationship? These are all important goals. But which are the most important for you right now? Answer these questions and find out.
improve your life quiz: Woman looking at horizon
Which of the following is the most important to you?
improve your life quiz: sand clock
What would you do if you discovered you only have 6 months to live?
Learn and explore new things
Go alone on a wild adventure
Create as many new romantic relationships
Travel around the world
improve your life quiz: woman pensive
What is your greatest passion in life?
Taking risks
improve your life quiz: yoga with background of sunset
Which of these areas would you consider your greatest success?
Good career
Loving family
Good home
Strong and healthy body
improve your life quiz: man in suit giving a thumbs up
Who of the following gets the most admiration from you?
My manager
My partner
My mom or dad
Me and my body
improve your life quiz: tied hand Sculpture
Which of these do you find most difficult to deal with?
My work
My relationship
Managing the household
Keeping my body healthy
improve your life quiz: woman frustrated
What area in your life do you have the most complaints about?
My work conditions
My love life
Myself and my behavior
My living conditions
improve your life quiz: a book with empty pages
If you could start life and over and make one big change - what would it be?
Choose a different career
Explore the world more
Get different habits
Live in a different country
improve your life quiz: climbing a mountain
How hard would you work for real change?
As much as needed
Very hard
Relatively hard
improve your life quiz: angry woman
What really gets under your skin?
A lack of cooperation
improve your life quiz: illustration of man at a crossroad
Which of these would you give up to get the other three?
Fattening food and desserts
New car
Romantic vacation abroad
A maid for the house
Which photo do you find most appealing?
improve your life quiz: urban landscape
improve your life quiz: apple
improve your life quiz: orange kittens
improve your life quiz: table set for meal
Improving the career
improve your life quiz: signing a contract
You've probably been feeling for quite some time that something in your professional life is just not working right, and this test testifies to the veracity of that thought. It could be this is the time to put more effort into it, and look for promotional oppurtunities or a new career. Change is scary, but if you are dissatisfied with where you are, you will never change it without doing some things that scare you. This doesn't have to apply to paying jobs, by the way, anything you do in life you want to change, be it volunteering work or hobby work - if it doesn't make you feel good, look for exits.
Improving Health and Lifestyle
improve your life quiz yoga with a sunset in the background
You have a strong, healthy spirit that wants to express itself physically as well. Changes to your diet, exercising and even fun activities like dancing and traveling will help you a lot. We know it's a hard change to make, but your body is your greatest asset, it's the one thing that is completely yours, and anything you can do to improve its functioning will make your life so much better.
Improving the Love Life
improve your life quiz: red rose
It seems that relationship and love are high on your concern list lately. This could be due to lonliness, a lack of satisfaction with your current relationship, or just having a bad feeling about the whole thing. First, it's important you know these are very natural feelings adn thoughts; there's no reason to feel bad if you want to add some spark to your relationship, talk about things that bother you or even go out into the world and look for new love. Whatever the end result, you will take a load off your heart, and your life will start moving in a much better direction for you.
Improving living conditions
improve your life quiz: book and glasses on table
It doesn't matter if you live in a big or small place. Your living conditions need changing and it's time you got on it. It could be your house needs some work or cleaning, or your flat is no longer right for you, or the people around aren't the people you want around you. Start with the small stuff, pick up on the way from room to room, then start making small but crucial changes in your daily habit. Remember, a clean house is a clean mind.
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