This Special Japanese Test is Very Telling...

We all have different characters but, according to ancient Japanese wisdom, we can all be grouped into several character types. Take the famous 'cube test', which has been designed to find out which personality type you are, and see whether we can define you. All you need to do is read the instructions on the photographs. Then imagine what you have read. Finally, answer the questions truthfully. After 10 questions all will be revealed.
How big is it?
Where do you see the cube?
Resting on the sand
Floating up
Buried in the sand
How long is the ladder?
In relation to the cube, where is the ladder?
The ladder is leaning on the cube
The ladder is separate from the cube
What sort of a horse do you see?
A mighty thoroughbred
A majestic stallion
What is the horse doing?
Nothing. It is standing still
It's moving
How close is the horse to the cube and ladder?
Far from them
Close to them
How many flowers are there?
Only one
A few
A lot
How far away is it from the objects?
It's so far away
It's very close indeed
It's just over the objects
Is it day or night during this scene you are picturing?
Confident Leader
Shy Sweetheart
Creative Adventurer
Passionate Realist
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