What Artist Hides in Your Beautiful Soul?

Who is an artist if not a person who interprets parts of the human experience? They look at the world, they look at us, and they look INSIDE us, to produce something that invokes both beauty and meaning. Each artist is one of a kind, like a fingerprint or a flake of snow. And when they pass from this world, something unique is lost forever, except through their works and in the souls of the people who appreciate their art. We will never forget these artists, and so there is a little bit of them in all our souls. How about yours? Is there an artist in yours? Which of these famous artists best represents what hides within you? Take our quiz to find out!
Sun rays coming through clouds
You were planning to take your family to see some nature this Sunday morning but the weather is cold and rainy. What will you do?
No problem, nature is beautiful in any weather
I will consult with my family about what they'd like to do
Annoyed, because the weather is always ruining things for me!
No worries, we'll postpone the trip and play some inside games
Choose the animal you like the most:
table with a laptop on it and other office tools
If you could change a profession, what would you take up?
Yoga instructing
Managing a big company
Why settle for just one?
What is the first thing that caught your eye in this photo?
Potted Plant
Painting on the wall
The blue walls
The book shelves
The clock
team of workers with laptops
They have added you to a project at work, what do you do?
I'm the one who calms everyone down and takes responsibility
I'm just going to nod and agree with everything, I don't want to mess their work up
I would give critic, we want it to come out best, right?
I'll be managing the project and giving orders
I'm the one who will do the dirty work, someone has to make sure it's done right
finger pointing at colored squares
Choose a color that pleases you:
red doll holding white broken heart
A good friend of yours tells you their spouse wants a divorce. What do you do?
Take them for a walk in the park, the air will do them some good
Listen to them and be sad for them, but try to come up with realistic solutions
Get angry with along with them
Give them advice from my own experience and the rich experience of others
colored cans
Choose a drink you'd like to drink right now:
glass of water
glass of orange juice next to sliced oranges
orange cocktail
wine glasses
table with coffee beans, and coffee paraphernalia
starry night skies
You have a cleared out evening to yourselves, what do you do?
Walk around the park or look at the stars
I'll go be with my family wherever they are
Watch a good show or movie
Go to my favorite restaurant
Relaxing and napping
pages filled with words next to envelopes
Choose the word you feel most connected to:
woman with a scarf on her lower face
You got up to a busy day but you're not feeling well, what do you do?
Postpone to tomorrow, there's nothing that can't wait
Ask people around me for help on my chores
Stay in bed and let people know I feel terrible
As long as I can up from bed, I'm fine
Balloons and confetti on the ground
A person very close to you is having a birthday, what will you get them as a gift?
Take them to a relaxing outdoors trip
Will inquire as to what they really want and get it
Throw a huge party for them
Give them money so they can buy whatever they want
Make them a handcrafted gift with lots of photos of us
Claude Monet
Claude Monet
You're a very calm and logical person who has a deep love for nature - much like Monet and his exquisite impressionist creations, invigorating the European art scene in the too-brief period of 1865-1880. Monet spent most of his life in inspiring rural environments in countries such as his homeland of France, England and Holland. It was in these countries that he painted the vistas he saw, creating famous paintings such as The Bridge and Harmony in Green. Like him, we wouldn't be surprised if you like nature, travel and distances, and you won't miss an opportunity to go out to a natural preserve or the forest to with your family to relax for a bit. In addition, Monet used a technique of fast sketching and short brush strokes, rich with color. This may correspond to your method of work, which is "quick and to the point." And so we encourage you to keep finding worlds out there to gaze at, and be that quick decider people can count on. Don't forget though, it's ok to stop and smell the roses...
Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso
You're one to rely on the environment you're in and on your family and friends, and as such, you are highly influenced by that connection. The painter hiding in your soul is probably the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, who learned the secrets of modern art from his father, and added inspiration from every place he's been and the people in his life. He was the founder of the Cubism movement, early in the 20th century. Cubism takes objects apart in ways that both destroy the item and display its essence in a whole new way, opening the door to incredibly inventive and creative types of art. Thanks to these qualities that resonate with you, you're a person happy to give back to the environment all that it has given you. Remember to always hold the big picture in your head, and see the full view, that's what Picasso would do...
Francisco de Goya
Francisco de Goya
The Spanish artist Francisco de Goya was one of the most salient painters of the romantic stream of art that developed in the first part of the 19th century. Goya's ambition was to express those sensations and phenomena man cannot control, such as natural disasters and the hand of fate. Like the other romantics, you seem to have a dramatic and larger-than-life personality, and are definitely noticed wherever you go to (whether that is good or bad). Goya, known for famous paintings such as The Nude Maja and The Third of May, 1808, was warmly adopted by the royal family of his nation, though he served them for a very long time, he knew how to criticize them via his paintings. It seems that, like de Goya himself, you do not save words not keep your opinion to yourself when the truth needs to be told. It's a great trait, just careful with the damage it can do.
According to your answers, you seem like a real go-getter, much like the 17th century Dutch painter Rembrandt himself. His work is considered part of the golden age of Dutch art. Rembrandt saw huge success at a young age, before even reaching the age of 30 due to his powerful paintings that wowed everyone who saw them. He became the most sought after portrait painter in Amsterdam, not a mean feat in those days of cultural renaissance. Like him, you seem like a person who can win the hearts of people wherever you go, and be noticed and recognized in whatever you do due to pure skill. We wouldn't be surprised if you have managing skills and the rewards that come with them. We only warn you not to squander the wealth that life brings you, like Rembrandt did later on in his life.
According to your answers, you seem to be one of those people who know how to do just about everything, much like the legendary artist Michelangelo. Like almost everyone else, you are probably familiar with his famous creations such as The Creation of Man and the famous Statue of David. Like David, Michelangelo went his own way, and made his own choices on what he wanted to work on, taking on many assignments that seemed impossible to other artists. You are the same, you see reality the way it is. With that in mind, we hope your other traits are not like the artist's, who was known as depressed, lonesome and grim.
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