How's Your IQ Today?

It's always good to test our sharpness. While we may feel sluggish one day, we may be a bit brighter the next, or vice versa. So today we bring you an IQ test that will use language, math and logic to test your current sharpness. You will have 10 minutes to answer the next 15 questions. Good luck!
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He is the oldest man in the world. Therefore...
He is not as old as others.
There are no older men anywhere.
Men are older than women.
He's older than some men, and younger than others.
How many sides does a circle have?
2 sides.
1 side
4 sides.
How does a child get to school?
With the train. 
By train.
In train.
If you cut a pie 3 times across, you will end up with...
3 sections
9 sections
6 sections
12 sections
How often do you play tennis?
For five hours.
On Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Almost every day.
With Ross and Chandler.
Which word best expresses the meaning of: "Reassuring"?
Jack's mother had 3 kids. The first was called April. The second, May. What was the third's name?
Daniel is British but Rachel isn't. She's American. Therefore...
Daniel and Rachel aren't English.
Daniel isn't English.
Rachel is English.
Daniel isn't American.
Where do you usually eat dinner?
In the dining hall.
A salad.
With Mary and Albert.
In the evening.
Monica is looking after the children. Therefore...
The children are right in front of her.
She is looking at the children.
She can see the children well.
She is taking care of the children.
My mother is a good cook. Therefore...
My mother cooks better than I do.
My mother is the best cook I know.
My mother's cooking is good.
She used to smoke cigarettes, Therefore...
She smoked before, but she doesn't now.
She is used to cigarettes.
She usually smokes cigarettes.
She used two cigarettes.
What is the square root of 4,096? (NO calculators!)
Does England have a 4th of July?
If today is Wednesday, what will 4 days from the day before yesterday be?
Were You Focused?
Well this test seems to have stumped you! Maybe you're a bit tired or unfocused, or maybe you need to eat a bit and rest before taking an IQ test. Why not try these things and take the test again when you are in a more suitable condition? That said, you can check your mistakes by clicking on 'show answers'.
Average Score
You IQ is up to scratch! You had some mistakes, and had some successes, meaning you have about the average IQ among our test takers. That's nothing to sneeze at, and of course you can always take the test again before looking at the answers to try and score better next time around.
Above Average Score
You IQ is above average! You have a really good brain in that head of yours, so keep it safe and keep it fed with interesting information and challenges so it never goes stale. Take care of your brain, and it will take care of you. You still had some mistakes, so you like you can check them out by clicking on 'Show Answers'.
High Scores!
Wow, you're a smart one! You ACED this IQ test, which means your IQ is quite high, way above average. This quiz apparently cannot track how high it is, since it is not made to check the most intelligent, but we have other IQ tests here you may want to try out. Congratulations for having a great brain!
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