What is Your Spiritual Continent?

They say each person contains a whole world inside them. In this quiz, we're going to only go as big as a continent! Each of the major six continents in our world (excluding Antarctica), has its own personality, its own style and its own spiritual traditions. Are you spiritually suitable for a specific continent? Find out which one!
What is your favorite leisure activity?
Meeting people and making new friends
Watching a good movie, show or performance
Work on my favorite DIY projects
Going hiking in nature
Host friends and family
Choose one word that is closest to describing you
Choose a color:
What do you consider as the perfect vacation?
As much beach as possible
Adventurous nature hikes
Live with a family of another culture
Urban touring and shopping
Choose your preferred food
Do you consider yourself a laid back or a stressed person?
Laid back
How do you feel about tradition?
I'm more for innovation than tradition
My tradition and heritage are an important part of me
I have respect for tradition, but prefer innovation
I make my own, new traditions
I'm connected to many types of traditions
What is your favorite style of music?
Classical Music
Rock and Roll
World Music
I love them all
Romantic music
As part of your job, you take part in a team project. What role are you likely to play?
The motivator - the one who pushes everyone forward and constantly comes up with new ideas
The responsible one - the one who manages the affairs and coordinates the teamwork
The independent one - The one who works on his part alone and invests the most effort in it
The assist - The one who helps everyone else
The balancer - The one most calm and keeps people from stressing
The social one - The one that makes it fun to work in a team
What do you prefer, being a guest or being a host?
Choose a house for yourself:
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Sitting on a fortune after succeeding in business
Same as today I hope
On a world trip
Retired from work and enjoying my own projects
Open a small restaurant or grocery shop
Enjoying a big and happy family
Your Spiritual Continent is North America
You are a creature of the new world! You a person who is always striving for progress, development, and expanding borders. Just as North America is a continent with a very wide variety of landscapes, and one that has also attracted and still attracts immigrants from all over the world who pursue the dream of success in America - you too are a very diverse person in your soul, pursuing dreams and endlessly striving to fulfil them.
Your Spiritual Continent is Europe
Just as it is customary to think of Europe as the cradle of Western civilization, so are you a person of status and style who finds a connection to everything classic and decent. You can certainly have some of the delicacy, restraint, and royal manners that prevailed in classical Europe and have remained with it to this day - and perhaps also some of the conservatism that characterizes the continent, though you may be an innovative type at times. Similar to the typical European weather - you can certainly also be cool at certain moments.
Your Spiritual Continent is Asia
The largest continent of all is characterized by a great number of colorful ethnicities and cultures - from the peoples of the Far East at the end of the continent to the Arab and Persian and Jewish peoples - and the multitude of other nationalities living in the Middle East . You are blessed with a colorful and captivating personality. You are a very diverse person in your attitudes, open to new acquaintances and experiences with new flavors all the time, yet at the same time connected to your roots and to the beautiful traditions and customs of the past that you care to preserve and pass on. Like the weather that prevails in most of the continent - you are also a warm and hospitable person and a terrific host.
Your Spiritual Continent is Africa
Just as the continent that is considered the "cradle of human culture" remains full of wild nature, so too are you a completely natural person, connected to your roots, to your nature, and to your traditions. You are a dedicated, humble, and honest workman - and this is part of your magic secret, as well as the mystery that surrounds you. The African continent has not always known easy times, and so have you. You're a person who has faced a challenge or two in their life - but you have always proved your resilience and strength, and not succumbed to the challenges that have stood in your way.
Your Spiritual Continent is Oceania
Just like the small, remote continent with its many island nations at the edge of the world, you too are a very independent person who has no problem thriving alone, even if the rest of the world does not necessarily stand behind you or recognize you. You have a strong sense of pride and self-awareness, and you are connected to your unique culture and heritage - and make sure to cultivate it among your sandwiches. You are a quiet person with a rather comfortable and relaxed nature, who exists in their own right and does not need favors from anyone to make their life a paradise on an island. Like you, the many island nations in Oceania, including of course Greater Australia, have known to improve their lives over the years.
Your Spiritual Continent is South America
Like the continent of South America, you are a person with a beautiful soul. You're passionate, emotional and excitable. You have a huge amount of curiosity and an even greater love of fun, food, passionate relationships and all other things good in life. You're social, outgoing and often the life of the party (or at least a positive social influence). You love your family and tend to want a big family or at least a large number of friends you can spend time with and enjoy. That said, your spontaneity can sometimes get you in over your head...
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