How In Touch Are You With Your Inner Self?

Inside each of us is an inner world full of our experiences, imagination and memories. How connected are you still to you most inner self? Take this personality test, answer everything as honestly as possible - and find out.
Complete the sentence: "When I remember my dreams, they are usually about..."
things I went through recently or worried about currently."
everything from normal day things to grand adventures."
nothing I can remember."
terrible nightmares about things I can't control."
things that happened to me a long time ago."
Do you feel like you are a completely different person to when you were a child?
Yes, that was a person I hardly recognize
No. I'm pretty much the same core person
Not really. I've changed but a many things have stayed the same
Do you do a lot of reading?
Mainly articles and news stories online
Yes, I'm a voracious book reader
Not really, I watch stuff mostly
No, but I listen to books on tape and/or podcasts and radio
Do you ever find yourself fantasizing about things?
Only in bed before I go to sleep
Yes, often in the middle of the day I'll fantasize about many things
No, I don't really do that as I am content and don't go for fanciful thinking
Do you enjoy spending time alone?
No, I always prefer to have some company
Yes, sometimes it's the most wonderful thing
Yes, but I'm afraid of being alone too much
How often do you find yourself in nature, such as a forest, the beach or in a completely natural environment?
Often. I go on hikes and trips.
Not much, I usually stay in an urban area or at home
My backyard has a lot of nature in it and that's enough for me
Are you a still and quiet person?
No, I'm constantly doing, moving or talking. Usually busy with something.
Yes, I like to take my time and think about things and I also like to move slowly through my day
About average I would say. Sometimes quiet and pensive and sometimes talkative and energetic
Do you have things you are passionate about?
Yes, I have many passions and keep exploring them.
Yes, I have one or two things I'm really passionate about.
Not really, I like many things but do not feel really passionate about something in particular.
Do you find yourself self-analyzing on a frequent basis?
Sometimes, when I'm not sure if my behavior was right or am not sure about what I feel
Not really, I've learned it's a waste of time.
Do you ever make decisions based on a 'gut feeling'?
Never. I use my brains.
Often, as I've learned that my initials instincts are often right.
Only when the feeling is really strong and I'm not sure what to do otherwise.
Do you have a part of the house that is just yours and no one else's?
Yes, and I spend quite some time there
Yes but I hardly use it
No, I share my spaces
How do you feel around children?
It's the best thing, and reminds me of being a child again.
A bit awkward if they are not my own, not sure how to speak to them.
Sometimes it's nice, other times it's a bother. I enjoy their cuteness.
Rich Inner World
Since childhood, you've had a rich inner world. Inside you, you feel, is an endless supply of images, stories, opinions, desires and passions. Unlike most people, you are fine with spending time by yourself, and may even prefer it, since you are very good at enjoying your time alone and entertaining yourself. Your dreams are wild and imaginative. People like you are often creative in some art or like to create things. You have a huge source of creative energy and it will keep going for all of your life. <br><br> The only drawback to this is our interconnections with others. Sometimes having a rich inner world means we spend a little less time in social engagements, while some even become introverted and avoid most of their social engagements. One can enjoy a rich inner life without sacrificing external relationships, but this is a skill that is as individual as a fingerprint, as we all have our own challenges to face when it comes to relationships. Make sure you leave enough time both for yourself and for the people who matter to you.
A Normal Connection
You have a good healthy connection with your inner self. That means you do not turn away from your core being, but you have also changed a lot since making that core person some time in your youth. You have added layers of knowledge, understanding, skills and opinions to was once a simpler model of yourself. This is the healthiest process that we engage in. As children, our inner selves are usually highly developed, and they lose power as time goes by. However, there are two traps - the trap of clinging to your inner world and the trap of forgetting about it all together. We are happy to report you seem to have avoided BOTH!
Your Inner World Needs Developing
According to your answers, there's a fair chance that your inner world has been neglected. That means that you haven't really been paying much attention to your own inner psyche, your mind and your heart. To be in harmony with the world and the people around us, it's important that we find harmony within ourselves. Inside you is a fountain of knowledge, dreams, desires, stories and opinions - all of things you really like, since you like things you like... It is an incredible thing to know yourself well. <br><br> Set aside some time for yourself, spend more time in nature and in thought. Wonder the universe and its miracles, find a spiritual connection that leads inwards. It is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. Try to make time for yourself no matter how busy you are, look up old memories and relive them in your mind. The way to happiness always goes through YOU.
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