What Kind of Path is Your Life On?

When we're young, life seems like an endless crossroad, with mullions of possible futures and possibilities going every which way. As we get older, those roads and possibilities begin to diminish, as we figure out more and more who we are, what we want and what we don't want for ourselves. What kind of track have you chosen in life? Where have you come from and where are you going? We'll try to figure it all out in this insightful quiz!
Choose the door that beckons you most...
Which of these do you tend towards more?
How do you get to work?
By car
Bus or train
Taxi or Uber
Which of these physical activities would you prefer?
Soccer or football
What gets you up in the morning?
Seeing my favorite faces
Doing what I love
Curiosity about the new day
The possibility of something new happening
Which image attracts you most?
Do you sometimes feel like the person in the photo?
Which of these environment would make you feel most comfortable?
How would you describe your risk-taking style?
I dive in deep
I jump but float
I dive head forward
I walk the shallow waters
I seek the bottom
Which do you prefer?
Where do you imagine this bridge leads?
To the unknown
To a vacation
To new discoveries
To something inspiring
Do you feel happy right now?
What is life all about for you?
Human Progression
Creating the next generation
Developing the self
Which of these is your guiding principle?
Do you feel like you take risks?
Adventures and Surprises
Your life track is a wild and surprising one. That's because you were born with the need to have an unusual life, have interesting experiences, travel the world and meet new people. You prefer not to plan to every possible scenario but following your heart and trusting it to take you somewhere interesting. It may not be an easy road to take, and some people will see you as odd, but your need for freedom has taken you - and will take you - on the right track for you.
Creativity and Passion
Your life track is guided by your emotion and passion, and it's probably that you'll always prefer work or projects that allow you to express yourself creatively. Doing art or any other method of self-expression is a dream that has always been with you. Whether you are a painter, a poet, a sculpture or actor at heart - you have the ability to touch other people's hearts with your abilities. Even if you don't do that for a living, you are still a highly passionate person.
Your life track has taken you to on a journey of creating a family with harmony and love. There is nothing you like more than giving and receiving love, and children make you feel happy. You might say you're a natural-born parent and this role comes naturally to you. Taking care of the next generation makes you feel whole, and even if you're not doing that on a day to day basis, you'd be incredible at it.
Business and Ambition
Your life track is one of ambition, money, and business. You have a strong personality, strong pride and strong will to succeed. You live to win and you love days where you have so much to do you barely have time to stop. You love getting recognized for your abilities and your ambition to be on top takes you through a lot of life's hardest challenges.
Education and Self Develeopment
Your life track is one of growth and progression through the acquiring of knowledge. You love learning and believe it's the right way to advance in life. You tend to be good at scientific topics and you invest yourself in every project you do so with time, you will become the perfect person for any job because you pay attention to all details when learning. This tends to grow results for you in the future.
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