Discover Who Your Ancestors Were, Based on Your Memories

Many spiritual leaders around the world claim that we are born with ingrained memories from our past lives, and that these memories often reveal themselves to us throughout our lifetime. If you want to find out exactly what type of lineage you've descended from, then simply answer the questions below, and we'll make the connection between your memories and ancestors for you. Were you once a brave warrior or perhaps a swashbuckling pirate? Take this test and find out...
looking at old photos
What's your oldest memory?
Something else
A party or celebration
A family vacation
Creating art
mystical dreamcatcher
How often do you remember your dreams?
Most of the time
Once in a while
swirling vortex
Which photo do you find the most appealing?
secluded beach
river in forest
seasons concept
crown jewels
pirate treasure
black horse
kids in playground
Do you remember being well-liked as a kid?
I don't remember
No, I was a loner
Yeah, I was popular
I only had a few friends
unlocking souls concept
When do you most often experience d?j? vu?
In times of conflict
When I need to make an important decision
When I'm in love
At work or school
When I'm alone and reflecting
When I'm close to water
boy sad because of arguing parents
As a child, do you remember your parents fighting?
No, never
Yeah, a lot
I don't remember
boy and girl kissing
Do you remember your first kiss?
Of course!
box of old photos
When you look back, what do you tend to remember most?
Trips & Adventures
old man looking at shipwreck
What's harder to forget: good times or bad times?
Good Times
Bad Times
I remember both equally
monkey thinking
Do you remember the first question of this quiz?
It was about d?j? vu
It was about my childhood
No, I don't remember
It was about remembering my dreams
It was about my oldest memory
Royal family
You come from an ancestral line of royalty! Your memories indicate that your ancestors were regal, powerful and respected people, who were highly influential to the society of their times. They have passed down their genes to you, and it is very apparent in your strong leadership skills, self-confidence and strong sense of right and wrong. Maybe someday you will help continue your ancestral heritage and your kids will rule the next kingdom!
Ancient Warriors
Ancient warrior
Your memories indicate a long line of warrior ancestors! You are strong minded, tough and have extremely passionate convictions when it comes to the things you believe in. You can be quiet sometimes, but you will always defend those you love and make decisions based on your moral compass. Like your ancestors, you are fearless in times of conflict, and when you need to, you protect others who are weaker and more vulnerable than you. Even if you may not consider yourself a warrior, you really are.
A Lost Tribe
ancient totems in the snow
According to your memories, your ancestors come from an exotic, faraway place in a lost tribe. You are always imagining a place far away and you love travel and adventure. Although you are artistic and reflective, you know how to work hard, just like your ancestors had to work to survive in the wilderness. You have strong memories of being outside and surrounded by family. It's no wonder you are so loved and that community is such an important part of your life.
pirate ships at dusk
According to your memories, your ancestors were pirates! You probably crave adventure and escape. Your ancestors sailed the seven seas and pillaged their way across the world. You take after them in your free spirit and gift of intuition. You have a great sense of direction and don't like to stay in one spot for too long. Change is very good for you, and you adapt easily to new environments and challenges. You remember things in your life that gave you either very negative emotions or very positive ones, and the dull moments seem to slip away from your subconscious. Keep up that adventurous spirit and one day you'll find your hidden treasure!
magical shamans
According to your memories your ancestors were shamans who communicated with the spirit worlds of their ancient kingdoms. They practiced ritual healing and entered supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community. They have passed on their talents to you, and you are a very perceptive person who is able to read other people's energy. You are socially intelligent and have a nurturing soul that seeks to protect others. You are in touch with nature and a lot of your memories stem from times when you were outdoors. You have gone through many hardships, but have dealt with them by surrounding yourself with peace, tranquility and reflection.
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