Which Personality Type are You Based on a New Study?

Throughout history, there have been quite a few attempts to classify existing personality types into as many categories as possible, including the mystical horoscope or MBTI personality assessment. According to the horoscope, there are 12 types of personalities, and MBTI has 16 personality types, but a new study at Evanston University in Illinois found that all people in the world can be classified into four personality types, based on how they score on 5 different indices: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Openness, and Neuroticism.

Based on these indicators and the classification of the existing personality types, we’ve put together a test that will identify your personality type for you. Answer the following questions and find out which of the four types you belong to. Some of the answers may look similar, but please make sure to choose the answer that best matches your approach to the subject you are being asked about.
A couple entering a wedding hall
You've been invited to a friend's wedding that you haven’t seen in a long time, and you know there’ll be no one you know. Do you go?
I'll let them know in advance that I won’t be attending
I'll try to attend, but I probably won’t
I'll go to the ceremony and congratulate them but I won’t stay for long
Of course, I would go – I’ll also be happy to meet new people along the way
How would you like to celebrate your next birthday?
With my family at home – there’s no need to do anything special
I'd like to buy gifts for others instead of them buying birthday presents for me - it seems like a nice custom to me
I’d like to fly abroad with my family
I’d like to have a big party that all my friends and family will enjoy - not every day is my birthday after all
A wallet
You found a wallet on the street - what do you do with it?
I'll look inside and then probably leave it wallet where I found it
I’ll go to a nearby business and leave the wallet there in case the person who lost it comes looking for it
I'll take the wallet to the police station
I'll take the wallet and look for the owners on social media
A beggar approaches you on the street and asks for some money to buy food - how do you react?
I'll ignore him and walk on
I'll give him a few dollars so he can buy himself some food
I'll buy him food instead of giving him money
I'll remind him that he has to find a job
The silhouettes of a couple arguing
Your spouse has criticized your behavior - how do you react?
I’ll ignore their words – they’re probably going through something
I’ll accept their words and try not to repeat the behavior again
I'll try to get more information from them about other things I'm doing wrong so I can change them
I'll tell them that no one is perfect and they need to accept me as I am
Money in a cash register
Imagine the following situation: You’re working as a cashier at an event where people buy tickets from you. The event failed, people were disappointed and now some of them are asking you for their money back. At first, your manager agreed to return the money, but as soon as everyone started asking for a refund, he ordered you to close the register quickly, without counting the money, and stop giving service. What do you do?
I will do exactly what the event manager told me, without an explanation to the customers
I’ll apologize to the customers, explain the situation to them and do what the manager told me to
I'll refund as many people as possible before the manager notices
I'll refund some of their money and take some for myself before I close the cash register
People fist bumping
Do you prefer to work in a team or alone?
Alone - I don’t like to work with others
Alone - I don’t trust others
In a team - As long as the work is equally divided among all
In a team - As long as I get the credit I deserve
Hands around a table in a restaurant
You’re sitting in a restaurant with friends and it's time to pay the bill. One of your friends offers to pay it all, but you know that they’re currently experiencing some financial difficulties and is even in debt with the bank - what do you do?
I would allow them to pay the bill and thank them for it
I would allow them to pay the bill, but I would offer to cover dinner next time
I would not allow them to pay the bill and suggest that everyone split it equally
I would not allow them to pay the bill, offer to pay the whole thing myself and suggest they pay the next time.
A woman sitting over a notebook with a pen in her mouth
What would you want more people to know, understand and internalize?
That it's okay to want to be alone sometimes
That it's okay to reach out to others for help
That there are no shortcuts in life
That you don’t owe anyone anything
A woman looking pensively
What would you most want to be?
A painter, sculptor or talented musician
A beloved politician
A spiritual leader or a life coach who helps people
A singer or an actor
Chocolate bar
While traveling abroad, one of the passengers asks the steward very brazenly to buy a bar of chocolate, and the steward refuses. The altercation escalates, and the passenger starts yelling at the steward and cursing him. What do you do?
I'll sit still without interfering
I’ll back up the shouting passenger - he should be given the service he deserves
I'll try to calm the screaming passenger down
I'll take out my smartphone and start filming the event
A woman lying on leaves and looking thoughtful
Choose the proverb that you most connect to:
If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
Do not do to unto others what you don’t want them to do unto you
A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush
One man's meat is another man's poison
You have an average personality
A man sitting on a windowsill
Don’t think for a second that "average" means "boring" - it simply means that your personality type earned an average score in neuroticism and extroversion, while at the same time receiving low scores on the openness index, and these are resulting most people showed when participating in the study. You probably don’t worry yourself over what others think of you, nor are you frequently sad or in a bad mood. You also prefer routine and avoid changes, but you should keep your mind open and try new things every once in a while.
You have a restrained personality
A man sitting on a sofa and writing in a notebook
You got a high score on the Openness Index and Conscientiousness Index, which indicates that you are very emotionally stable and its almost impossible for you to suffer from neuroticism. You're probably a quiet, pleasant person who doesn’t try to stand out too much - we doubt you’d be caught dancing on a table top at a party. However, you are definitely a person that others want around because you can always be trusted to help in times of trouble. Surely, we would all want a friend like you in times of need!
You have a role model personality
A man in a suit tying a tie
You scored high on all positive measures - agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness and extroversion - and low on the negative measures - neuroticism. It's very likely that other people adore you and look at you as a figure that inspires them, and we think you're an older person, or at least someone with a wealth of life experience, because the older you get, the more likely you are to belong to this personality type. You are someone who likes to go out, is very sociable, emotionally stable and able to work hard - all it takes to be a perfect role model.
You have a self-centered personality
A girl sitting on the floor
You received a high score on the extroversion index, and a low score on the agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness indices. According to this information, we can assume that you are young because as one grows older, they become less self-centered and develop a personality that is more fitting of a role model. According to the study, males are usually those with this type of personality, and if you are an adult you probably have a young soul that refuses to grow up, but it may be time for you to change a few things in your life and aspire to be a more open and comfortable person.
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