What Ancient Spiritual Symbol Is Hiding In Your Soul?

Modern life happens at a very fast pace and at the same time we are always told that we should march forward without looking back. But if we turn our gaze to the past, not necessarily our own, but humanity's, we can find wonderful treasures there that can give tremendous and powerful meaning to our present. Some of these treasures are the ancient symbols of fascinating cultures that, beyond their religious significance, were also of paramount spiritual importance. Some of these symbols are known in our world to this day, and they serve as evidence of basic human thought and logic that has accompanied us from ancient times to the present. So what kind of powerful symbol is hidden in your soul and defines you best? You are invited to answer the following personality quiz and find out...
Ancient artifacts
Which ancient culture do you connect to most?
Symbol of the Celtic culture
A symbol of Egyptian culture
A symbol of Japanese culture
Color Palette
Choose one of the following colors:
A man sitting cross-legged and thinking
Of the following words, which symbolizes the meaning of life with the greatest precision in your opinion?
A woman with a frightened look
What is your biggest fear?
The unknown
A single saw blade and a round blade, side by side
Would you describe your mind as round or sharp?
Choose the mythological figure that attracts you most:
A figure from mythology
A figure from Egyptian mythology
A figure from mythology
A figure from mythology
A figure from mythology
A man looking at a candle
What do you think is your most prominent character trait?
Two men sitting side by side
A good friend tells you about a difficult problem they are having has. What's the first thing you do to help them?
I will comfort them and offer to help with whatever they want
I'll plan how to get them out of trouble
I will listen to everything that is in their heart and I will try to help
I will explain to them that I think it’s possible to survive any difficulty
I'll take them out on me to help them forget all their troubles
Antique clock
Select an antique object:
Ancient wine glass
Luciana Braz
Mortar and pestle
Samurai Sword
Golden sandals
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A senior executive at the company where I work today
Leading an innovative and groundbreaking venture
In the midst of a great trip around the world
Embarking on a self-exploration journey in an isolated place
Just where I am today - only with better health and livelihood
An illustration of a man in a light vortex
Do you believe in reincarnation?
I have no way of knowing so I don’t even think about it
Fist on a table
What do you think is your source of inspiration and power in the world?
My job
My vision
My friends
My family
My faith
Your power symbol is the Ouroboros
The symbol of the Ouroboros
The Ouroboros (Greek: swallows tail) is an ancient symbol whose roots are found in different cultures from all over the ancient world. This symbol can be seen as a dragon, or snake in some cases, which is wrapped into a perfect circle in order to eat its tail. Although it sounds a little disturbing, this symbol actually represents tremendous power and indicates that you are a person of great inner strength and admirable coping ability. Like the Vikings or the Celts - those ancient peoples who adorned their stone sculptures, cave walls, and their shields with the Ouroboros symbol - you too have a high survival ability, a desire to lead, and the ability to step out of your comfort zone to conquer great goals.
Your power symbol is the Triskele
The Triskell symbol
Triskele (Greek: three-legged) is an ancient symbol in the form of a triple spiral, which originates in the nature around us; Ancient peoples found the spiral pattern on the shell of snails, on the horns of some of the animals and in the stars in heaven - and brought it into the human world in the form of a symbol, marking the endless rotation of the soul, weaving its way in an endless path. The triskele itself represents the idea that the entire universe is constantly on the move, and that is also true for your soul and personality: You are a person who always wants to progress, you have a lot of energy, and are always looking for new paths in addition to those you know and follow.
Your power symbol is the Ankh
Ankh symbol
The Ankh, also known as the Key of Life or the Key to the Nile, is an ancient Egyptian symbol that is described in various glyphs and hieroglyphs found in ancient Egypt, most of which appears to be held by idols or pharaohs. The meaning of this symbol is eternal life, and for you, it can signify your desire to exhaust life to the fullest - to make and experience as much as possible, to be open to new and fascinating experiences. You are in constant search for "eternal life", the same things or moments that will allow you to continue to feel young in your mind, which is why you don’t limit yourself in pleasures and try to live every day to the fullest. Keep going, but remember to take care of yourself and don’t take unnecessary risks!
Your power symbol is the Eye of Providence
The symbol of the eye of Providence
Wolfgang Sauber
The Eye of Providence is an ancient symbol composed of an eye, surrounded by a triangle surrounded by a halo of light, and can be seen to this day on US money notes. The Eye of Providence is based on the ancient Egyptian symbol "The Eye of Horus" which originates in the ancient belief in an eagle-headed god with healing and protective powers. Just like the Eye of Providence, which is considered a protector fro, dark forces and the evil eye, you too are a person who takes great care of their loved ones, protects and shields from all trouble and evil and knows how to give warmth, care and compassion to anyone close to you who needs it. You're also good at managing a household, as well as things that require skills and professional knowledge which not all have.
Your power symbol is the Yin-Yang
The Yin-Yang symbol
Brian Snelson
Yin-Yang is an ancient Chinese symbol, consisting of two rounded black and white shapes that make up a whole circle; within each of the shapes that make up the circle is a small circle in the opposite color. Yin-Yang presents the view that even the things that seem to be most contrary ultimately complement one another, connect and interact in our natural world. Accordingly, it seems that in your soul there are many contradictions, opposite wants, and desires, but in the end, you live with them in wonderful balance, know how to accept yourself fully and that’s how you act toward others. You lack judgment, you know how to accept and understand, and in your soul, you are an artist with imagination.
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