What is Your Power Animal?

In ancient times, animals were everywhere. They were a huge part of the world of man, and we competed with them and respected them as rivals in the natural world. Thus were born the animal totems, animals of power incorporated into the psyche of humankind. From those we get traits and abilities we all understand when using animals as symbols. The Native Americans are just one example of many people who used animal totems and power animals. Are you ready to discover YOUR power animal? Take our quiz, answer honestly and find out!
Which of these words describes you best?
Which of these could have been your dream job?
Stage performer
Team Coach
Tourist Guide
Food Critic
Which of these photos do you feel a connection to?
Which of the 4 elements, do you feel, is your element?
Which of these activities do you find most challenging?
Letting go of things
Working under pressure
Working with others for a long time
Feeling lonley
Staying in one place for too long
What do you consider your greatest personality trait?
A sense of humor
Good Judgement
Which of these environments makes you feel the most comfortable?
The Beach
An Office
A Party
Your Home
Out in Nature
What do you like to do in your leisure time?
Go out hiking in nature
Spending time with friends
Practicing yoga or meditation
Reading and learning new things
Exercise or play sports
Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?
Traveling the world and worry free
Getting all the goals I have before me today
Famous and entertaining people
Where I am today, only calmer
Living somewhere quiet and enjoying the simple things in life
Which of these leaders do you most appreciate?
Mahatma Gandhi
Winston Churchill
Nelson Mandela
Levan Ramishvili
Margaret Thatcher
You have been ordered to work in a team. What will you do when working as a team member?
Strive to become the leader
Cooperate but stay independent and critical
Make sure morale and good humor are high
Act as the voice of reason
Take any responsibility I'm given
Which of these can serve as your motto in life?
"Take it easy."
"Good thoughts, good vibrations."
"To the bold go the spoils"
"Never stand in place."
"If not me, then who?"
According to your answers, it seems like your power animal is the Wolf; This is a beast of power, intelligence and teamwork, while also able to work independently as mighty hunters. In the human mind, the wolf is both a blessing and a curse. Like the old Native American tale - there are two wolves. As such, you are a person who loves their family, will protect them no matter what. You work well with others, but you also know how to create your own interest and projects, and when you get angry - everyone should run and hide, because inside you there is rage, and if someone comes between you and your family or friends, they may discover it...
According to your answers, it seems like your power animal is the Lion. The king of the animals is considered an animal with traits such as inner peace, physical prowess and the ability to lead others. You have leadership qualities and a very strong will. You get the most out of your life and stay calm even in tough situations. However, when you want to get something - everyone knows you will probably get it.
According to your answers, it seems like your power animal is a Dolphin. This aquatic mammal represents a joy for life and a rare harmony and balance with other people and nature. Dolphin people are happy people in tuned with nature. They love humor and have a zest for life that draws others towards you. Being social is a great treat, and you get depressed when you can't engage in social behavior.
According to your answers, it seems like your power animal is the Turtle. The turtle lives in the water, and represents flow, renewal and creation. You're a person who gets his power from home, the family and friends. Don't confuse the turtle with the tortoise, this is NOT a slow animal, but swims free and fast. You are a person who swims with the flow of the world, you let it take you, but it never affects the calm and wisdom you have inside you.
According to your answers, it seems like your power animal is the Horse. The horse represents explosive power, grace, royalty and nobility. You are a person of great self respect, a hard worker and a being who craves most freedom and movement and action in your life. You hate standing still and doing nothing. You're always looking for something to do, something to break into. You love the outdoors but never seem to get enough of it, you work really well with others and get sad when you don't get to be social enough.
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