What Kind Of Tree Is Hiding In Your Personality?

They beautify our landscapes, decorate our neighborhoods, give us shade on hot days, and most importantly - they provide us with air to breathe! Trees are undoubtedly an irreplaceable element in our world and it is important that we know how to appreciate and preserve them. Just like us, every species of tree in nature has its own characteristics and personality hidden within it, even though it isn’t a living being in the full sense of the word. With that being said, each of us hides within us the personality of a certain tree, find out which tree is hiding within you by answering this special quiz!
An eye behind curling smoke
Which of the following words best describes your personality?
A pair of hands on which a map of the world is drawn
Which trip is most tempting to you?
A coast to coast road trip of the U.S
A journey of self-discovery in the Far East
A safari tour in Africa
Beaches and recreation in Australia
A day trip in my city
A woman’s foot stepping out of a house
Of the following, what is your favorite leisure activity?
Going out into the countryside with a close friend, catching some peace and quiet.
A family dinner
Going to the beach with friends
Volunteering with a local organization.
Going on a challenging hike nearby
A woman holding a camera
Which of the following pictures do you like most?
A giraffe in the savannah
A sun shining in a forest
People having fun at a beach party
Mountain scenery
Puddle of water in the middle of a path
A woman with headphones on listening to music
What is your favorite type of music?
Pop and rock
Jazz and Blues
World and ethnic
A woman standing with her hands on her hips
In which situation do you feel most in control?
Surrounded by new people I can meet
When I am surrounded by immediate family and friends
When I am on my own and have to make it on my own
I don’t ever feel completely in control
When I need to help someone
A hand holding a house
Where would you most like to live?
In the city center, where everything happens
In the silence of the arid desert
In a peaceful village, isolated and remote
In a small community where everyone helps everyone
It doesn’t matter, as long as I'm close to my loved ones
An illustration of all kinds of animals
Which animal do you relate to most?
A man shouting and waving his finger
Someone you thought of as a friend insults you. How do you react?
I'll burst into tears and stop talking to them
I'll pull them aside to find out why they’re mad at me
I’ll get over it and continue being their friend
I'll find another friend
I'll insult them back and see how they respond
Wooden cubes with LOVE written out on them
Which do you think is the most romantic?
A night in, with wine and a good movie
Going out to a restaurant or club
A night outdoors
A picnic in the park
A heartfelt conversation
A fan of colors
Choose one of the following colors:
Lime green
Forrest green
A scale with two question marks on each side
What do you feel is the most valuable principle?
Making do with little
Being open to others
Personal freedom
Social leadership
A cat sitting on a branch and looking at the sunset
What is your favorite season?
A child sleeping in his bed
What is your favorite position to sleep in?
On my stomach
On my back
Fetal position
Sprawled out over the whole bed
The tree that is hiding in you is the Sequoia
A huge Sequoia
Just like the larger than life sequoia tree (the largest in nature) - you also have a particularly impressive presence and a prominent personality, and even if you don’t particularly desire leadership, you tend to accept it because others see you as a leader. Some may see you as a threatening person to some degree or another, but deep inside you have a huge heart and are a sensitive and empathetic person. Nothing frustrates you like seeing a friend or family member in trouble, and you’ll always be the first to come to their rescue.
The tree that is hiding in you is the weeping willow
Weeping Willow
Bruce Lee once said: " Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind,” and indeed you - like the weeping willow - are a person who bends but never breaks, gaining respect from people with your charm and quiet wisdom. However, just as the branches of the willow seemed hunched over in modesty, you too tend to be modest and often don’t see the beauty that is inherent in you. Luckily, others can see in you what you can’t see in yourself, that’s why the relationships you have with your family and friends are so important to you.
The tree that is hiding in you is the Cypress
kibbutz ayalon
“Remember that the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability” – Ho Chi Minh. Like the cypress tree, you are a strong person that stands firm against any trouble and danger that comes knocking on your door. Like the cypress, whose roots are woven deep into the ground, you are a person attached to your roots, family, home, and country, making people around you inspired and empowered to live and take action. At the same time, like the towering cypress, so too do you aspire to greatness.
The tree that is hiding in you is the baobab
A baobab tree
Just like a baobab tree, which grows on African deserts, you also do not need much to bloom and thrive. You are an independent person who knows how to stand up for yourself, and you can make do and succeed in any environment you’re put in, even if it is most desolate. Like the baobab, which stores water during the rainy season and uses it during the dry season, you are a person who knows how to save correctly, and you manage your money in a calculated and measured way which keeps you on the track to success. The great fruits of the baobab are sweet and full of nutritional ingredients-just as you are a person full of goodness, whose modesty covers your abundance of virtues.
The tree that is hiding in you is the eucalyptus
Like the eucalyptus tree, which originated out in Australia but was welcomed and well acclimated elsewhere in the world, you are also a sociable and friendly person who likes to meet new people, have different experiences and leave your comfort zone often. Your favorite season is probably summer, and you like to spend your time in places with a hot climate, like the beach. You are a social creature who feels comfortable in a large crowd. At the same time, you have a big heart and a desire to give, just as Eucalyptus trees have served humanity in many ways.
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