Make a Choice, Any Choice...

We are bombarded with choices every day. Most of them are little things - what we eat, where we may go. But the questions we ask in this quiz are more significant hypothetical choices that will tell us a lot about you. Each question will have three situations you can pick from, answer honestly, and in the end, we'll tell you something about yourself...
Which of these hard options would you choose?
No one shows up to your wedding
No one shows up to your funeral
No one shows up to your partner's birthday
Which world would you prefer to live in?
A world where you're served on hand and foot
A classless world
A world where you are a powerful politician
Which of these things do you wish for the most? (or wished for your life the most)
Finding true love
Changing the world for the better
Becoming really rich
Which supernatural ability would you rather have?
Reading minds
Controlling the weather
If you had a time machine, what would you do with it?
Go back in time and prevent someone I care about from dying
Go back in time and correct my biggest regrets
Go back in time and change some major world event for the better
You meet a mystic who can see the future of your children's weddings. Which detail do you ask for?
What the wedding will look like
The identity of the person they marry
The date of the wedding
Which of these options would you choose?
Being the best friend of a rich person
Being a rich person
Marrying a rich person
If you catch a magical goldfish that gives you one wish - what would it be?
To become the most powerful person in the world
To become the smartest person in the world
To become the most beautiful person in the world
If you could change careers right now, which of these would you choose?
Successful Actor
Successful Doctor
Successful Lawyer
Which of these would you like to add to your life?
More money in my bank account
More hours of good sleep
More good friends
Which is preferable, in your eyes?
Sacrificing a stranger to save a family member
Saving yourself by sacrificing another
Losing your life to save others
How would you prefer to make a fortune?
Inheriting it
Working hard for it
Winning the lottery
Which time ability would you like to have?
The ability to change the past
The ability to control the present
The ability to know the future
Which would you prefer?
Lying to others
People lying to you without you knowing
Finding out you've been lied to
You Are Moral and Generous
You're a person who always tries to find ways to be good to others. You usually put others' needs before your own - even at a cost to yourself. It's just easier that way for you. You have little ego and are kind. We need more people like you in this world!
You Are Adventurous and Optimistic
You like to think of yourself as a lighthearted person, seeking the better things in life and with a healthy dose of curiosity about what life may have in store for you. You don't sweat the little details and you know how to have a really good time!
You Are Ambitious and Competitive
You're a successful person who likes to solve situations and prefer to live in the moment instead of constantly worrying about things you cannot change or might happen. You have managerial skills and you have no problem being the center of attention. You are ambitious and may get far!
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