Which Ancient Symbol is Yours?

When we talk about ancient symbols, it's hard to understand how powerful symbols can be. Look at the Cross or the Star of David, and you'd realize how powerful a symbol can be. These ancient symbols were just as powerful and were used for thousands of years to represent human passions and ideologies. Which one is yours?
Which of these ancient civilizations do you find yourself most interested in?
Choose a color as quickly as possible.
Which of these words, in your opinion, comes closest to defining the meaning of life?
Which of these is closest to your biggest fear?
Being Alone
The Unknown
Would you define your soul as sharp or rounded and soft?
Choose the mythological figure you feel most interested in.
What is your most salient personality trait?
A good friend tells you about a problem she's facing. What is the first thing you do?
Comfort her and tell her I'll help in any way that I can
Make a plan to get her out of her trouble
Listen carefully
Explain how she can survive any difficulty
Take her out to have fun and forget about her trouble
Choose an ancient artifact:
Luciana Braz
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Promoted at work and leading others
Working on a new project
Traveling around the world
Gone on a journey of self exploration somewhere remote
Where I am today - only happier and healthier
Do you believe in the reincarnation of the soul?
Yes, I believe the soul is everlasting and travels from body to body
No, I believe the soul only exists in this world
I have no way of knowing and so I don't think about it much
What do you think is your source of inspiration?
My Work
My personal Vision
My Friends
My Family
My Faith
The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol with roots in many cultures around the ancient world. It is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt but passed to Western civilization from the Greeks. This symbol is of a snake (sometimes a dragon) swallowing its tail. In many cultures, this symbol is about divinity and the eternal, as the form represents a never-ending circle or cycle. This symbol has enormous power and may indicate you are a person with incredible inner strength. You are a person with ambition, a strong ability to survive difficulties, and the ability to lead others.
The Triskele comes from the Greek word for "three legs." Indeed, the form may represent three bent human legs. It is also the symbol of rational symmetry. This symbol was inspired by the spiral patterns on the backs of snails, animal horns, and the night stars. The Triskele also represents the neverending movement of the cosmos in perfect harmony as well as the cycle of life. Similarly, you are a person representing growth and change. You have probably gone through many changes in your life. Like most plants, you seek the sun, the source of your inspiration and wellbeing, and you will change and grow towards that goal, shedding what you don't need in order to participate in the cycle of life. Life is all about change and growth, and you a person concerned with change and inner growth.
The Ankh is a mystic symbol from Ancient Egypt. It is traditionally held by kings, gods, and goddesses. It symbolizes eternal life. As such, it applies to a person with endless renewable energy. You feel life pumping inside you, and the worst thing for you would be to stop it. You are a person of natural flow, of moving and being. Whether you feel it or not, you are a dynamic example of life, burning inside. Find outlets for your passion in art, love, and nature.
Eye of Providence
The Eye of Providence is an ancient symbol made of an eye within a triangle that is surrounded by a halo of light. It can still be found on US currency. It is believed to have been based on "The Eye of Horus", an ancient Egyptian symbol for the god Horus, the Egyptian deity with the head of a falcon. The eye is considered a defense from evil forces and harm. Like it, you seek to protect your loved ones and fear for them. You give warmth, kindness, and caring for those closest to you. Yours is a heavy responsibility, and no one can do it better. You are the protector, the caretaker, and the teacher. If you haven't been in these roles so far, you may want to try it.
Tai Chi (Yin-Yang)
In Ancient Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin and yang is one of dualism. It is a point of view that looks at how forces that look in opposition to each other may be complementary and even interdependent. Similarly, you are also a person seeking balance and harmony, whether aware of it or not. You always aim to be in the right balance with what you have in your life, with what you seek and even within your own logic. You don't like exaggerations and lies, because it destroys balances. You try to see what is real, what is harmonious, and what is right with the cosmos.
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