General Knowledge Trivia of Mixed Subjects

In today's era, it is very easy to pull your smartphone out of your pocket and search the Internet for an answer to any imaginable question, but today we challenge you to rely solely on your general knowledge... We have prepared a trivia test for you with 16 questions, some of which can certainly be difficult for many, but You have accumulated enough knowledge throughout your life, there is no reason not to go through it and maybe even excel in it. The questions cover a wide range of topics, from history to geography to science and various famous works, so get your game face on!
General knowledge test: old phone
Who invented the telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell
Isaac Newton
Thomas Edison
Nikola Tesla
General knowledge test: Tokyo
What is the national currency of Japan?
General knowledge test: Shakespeare
In which country does Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" take place?
There is no mention of a specific location in the original play
General knowledge test: security cameras
Who wrote the dystopian book 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'?
George Orwell
Orson Welles
Ernest Hemingway
Arthur C. Clark
General knowledge test: Earth
What is the largest planet in our solar system?
General knowledge test: old map
The explorer Marco Polo was mainly famous for his travels to…
North America
General Knowledge Test: Nobel Prize Medal
Adam Baker
In which field is the Nobel Prize not awarded?
General knowledge test: gold bars
Which country is considered the largest producer of gold in the world?
South Africa
United States
General knowledge test: Dali painting
Mike Steele
What is the name of this famous work?
The persistence of memory
The persistence of man
The permanence of the universe
The persistence of imagination
General knowledge test: signature
Which American president signed the "Emancipation Proclamation"?
Abraham Lincoln
Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Theodore Roosevelt
General knowledge test: Mountains
What mountain range runs through both Europe and Asia?
Ural Mountains
Rocky Mountains
The Dolomite Mountains
The Andes
General knowledge test: football
For which football league does famous player Cristiano Ronaldo play as of 2023?
The Saudi League
The English league
The Spanish league
Italian league
General knowledge test: Palace of Westminster
Who was the Prime Minister of England at the outbreak of World War II?
Neville Chamberlain
Winston Churchill
Stanley Baldwin
Margaret Thatcher
General knowledge test: a character from a children's series
This beloved Swedish character's name is Nils. What is his last name?
General knowledge test: a sad cartoon character in front of a computer
This test failed you...
You successfully answered a relatively small amount of questions and it really wouldn't surprise us if you guessed quite a few of the answers you chose. It's okay to make a mistake and there is no piece of information in this test that is really mandatory for everyone to know, but nevertheless for the sake of expanding your general knowledge we recommend that you try to face it again or at least see what the correct answers are to the questions that failed you.
General knowledge test: Hungarian cube solved
Not bad, but there is room for improvement
You have a solid foundation of general knowledge, but some of the questions in this test were too difficult for you or managed to confuse you... You still managed to get a good result which is nothing to be ashamed of, but we definitely encourage you to try to improve it with more experience. It is also possible to simply go through the wrong questions that expired in your grade, and one way or another your general knowledge will increase and in the future such tests will be child's play for you.
General knowledge test: silhouette of a head with a light bulb inside
You met the challenge successfully!
You might have made a few mistakes, but you still managed to get the best score on this test! You have proven to us that you have no problem successfully answering diverse and challenging questions, and that you have a high level of general knowledge that many are surely envious of. If you had few mistakes there is even a chance that you entered our champions table and if not, you can always try another test. With your general knowledge this probably won't be a problem!
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