How Afraid Are You of Dying?

Death is an inescapable future. Some psychologists say that every fear we have is rooted in this fear of death. If we would be completely "politically correct", we'd say that every person wants to live forever and are happy to live for as long as they can. But if we're being honest, when the years pile on, we come to understand that death is a part of life. And, while some of us would very much like to live forever, some of us are happy enough to live an average lifespan if it is free of pain and disease. If this is something you want to discover, answer the following questions.
At what age would you say someone is "old"?
Do you have many hobbies?
I have lots of hobbies and I enjoy them tremendously
I have a few hobbies but that's enough for me
Not really, mostly just family, friends, tv or books
I enjoy reading and watching television a lot, and also using the internet
Do you ever get depressed and if so, what causes it?
Yes, mostly from loneliness
Yes, mostly from sickness and pain
Very rarely, and usually because something bad has happened
Yes, usually when I'm bored with everything
Not really
Do you suffer from a chronic disease?
Yes, but a very light one that doesn't bother me much
Yes, and it causes me much discomfort and pain
Luckily no
I have other disorders that are problematic
Do you keep up with what's going on in the world and technology?
News I do, technology not so much
I love new technology, but not interested in the news
Neither, one is too depressing and the other I can't be bothered with
Yes, I follow both quite closely
Would you characterize yourself as a social person?
Yes, I'm always surrounded with friends or family, that's my life
I would say yes, just not too much at a time
I would say not very, I keep to myself but enjoy the occasional get-together
Sometimes, it really depends on my mood
Nope, I always prefer being a
Please excuse this tough question (you may skip it): Which of these events may cause you to lose interest in life?
The Death of my partner
The Death of my child
Being diagnosed with a chronic disease or cancer
Being diagnosed with Alzheimer's
Having no one to take care of
I'd like to SKIP this question
Do you like pets?
Yes, I have several!
I have a pet I love to bits
I used to have one but didn't want the heartbreak of getting another
I never much wanted a pet
Thinking of getting one a bit later in life
Do you feel like your life has been eventful?
Heck yea, it's been a bizarre adventure throughout
No more than any other's, I think
Not really, only a few eventful years here and there
It used to be, years ago, now it's quite uneventful
Do you believe in an afterlife?
Yes, and it comforts me to think of it
Yes, and it terrifies me to think of it
No, I do not
Ultimately, I just don't know
How curious are you about what the future holds?
I can't WAIT to see what happens next
Barely, it's all been done and said before
I really enjoy finding out new things
I rarely wonder about the future
I feel like the future is just going to get worse and worse
If you could go back in time and experience your life again, exactly as it was, without the ability to change anything - what age would you go to?
The earliest age I can
Maybe a few decades ago
I wouldn't go back at all
Back to when I felt most young and free, the most me
It terrifies you
There is nothing more understandable than being terrified of death. We are born to this world alive; we have no other understanding of what it means to be. It is logical and prevalent in all of us. It doesn't matter if you believe in an afterlife or not, leaving this life is terrifying. <br><br>From your answers, it seems you have a lust for life. You clutch at it with both hands no matter your age, and you will continue to do so. For you, perhaps there is no good age to quit this life. All we can say is continue to celebrate your life and to enjoy it. But know that death isn't the worst fate this life has to offer, and that there is comfort in knowing that one day you too shall rest. May that day be far, far, far away.
It weighs on you
Death is not an easy thing to come to terms with. We've spent our whole life living, being surrounded by life. It is hard to accept that one day our journey will end and we will join the countless other people who came before us. <br><br>To you, this is a cold weight on your heart, something you perhaps avoid thinking about. There's nothing wrong with fearing death, as it is the most natural worry. All we can say is that it is the great equalizer, we will all need to deal with death, and we hope you find that weight becomes lighter and more acceptable with time. Remember, death may not be the end, and even if it is, all good things come to an end, and perhaps that is for a good reason.
An average fear
A fear of death is the most common and widespread fear there is. You seem not to have too much fear about it; about the average amount we'd say. <br><br>We are all afraid to die, and few will volunteer to do so before they must. However, the average person does understand, somewhere deep inside, that their time will come as well and that there's little that can be done about it, so why spend your time worrying? You have the ability to put this fear aside and focus on your regular life. This is how we keep going, by focusing on living and not keeping an eye constantly on the far future. One day at a time is the best way to live.
Death holds no special fear for you. It's not that you're suicidal or anything like that. You'd prefer to stay alive, but the prospect of death doesn't hold that much of a threat to you. From your experiences, you know that a life of suffering is much worse than death, and that death can come as a friend at the end of our lives. <br><br>Death is the great equalizer; we all must deal with it sooner or later. For you, death is a natural part of life, and will happen sooner or later, so why worry about it? You have made your peace with the fact you will one day pass on, and you're fine with it.
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