What is the SOURCE of Your Spirit?

At the base of every decision we make and every thought that crosses our mind stands something that has many names such as soul, subconscious or our psyche. Although it is very difficult to define it, there is no doubt that it exists and greatly affects our lives. No one can say what exactly determines the structure of our psyche and consequently also our personality, but there are many types of people in the world and each one has a unique soul. We can certainly guess where your soul came from, and it is a personal answer that depends entirely on your preferences in life, your behavior and your beliefs. If you want to find out what the source of your soul is, answer the 12 questions in the following personality test and the answer will be revealed to you...
The Origin of the Soul Test: Stars
If you could fly into space tomorrow, where would you want to go?
Test of the source of the soul: the moon
The moon
Test of the origin of the soul: Mars
Test of the source of the soul: Saturn
The Origin of the Mind Test: A woman with a phone
What is your preferred form of communication?
Text Messages
Face to face
Phone calls
Test of the source of the soul: an ancient statue
What kind of art appeals to you most?
Test of the source of the soul: an angel statue
The source of the soul test: drawing
The source of the mind test: musical notation
The Origin of the Mind Test: An Out-of-Body Experience
Do you think reincarnation is real?
Maybe, I have no idea...
The test of the source of the soul: a magical light emerges from the book
Which of the following descriptions best describes most of your dreams?
Dreams where I have special powers
Dreams in which I fall, get chased, run, etc...
There is no one way to describe most of my dreams, they are too different
The test of the source of the soul: a figure with an inner light
Which of the following powers would you most like to win?
Ability to move objects with the power of thought
Read minds
Heal people
The Origin of the Mind Test: A statue of a man meditating
What is your attitude to meditation?
Very positive
It's not for me...
I've never tried, but I'm not against
The source of the soul test: My name is night
Do you think there are other living things in the universe besides us?
Certainly yes
It's possible, but I can't say for sure
Not aliens, perhaps deities
The test of the origin of the soul: a character steps into the unknown
If we assume for a moment that you had a previous life, in what period do you think it took place?
In the days of ancient Greece
In the middle ages
During the Renaissance
The Origin of the Mind Test: Lights inside a person's head
Which of the following is your most developed ability?
Self love
The source of the mind test: a wristwatch
At what time of day is it easiest for you to function?
At night time
In the morning and at noon
In the evening hours
The source of the soul test: birthday cake
On your perfect birthday...
I will take time off from work and rest all day
No one will make a big thing out of this day and drive me crazy
The people who are dear to me will prepare a special surprise for me
The world of dreams
The Origin of the Soul Test: Dream Catcher
You possess a free spirit that detests boundaries and aims high. Even when it might not always be feasible, you often ponder the possibilities and entertain various fantasies that might one day materialize. With numerous interests and an open personality, you desire to savor life's pleasures, be it a holiday in an exotic locale or a novel dish at your favorite eatery. People like you tend not to concede defeat easily, even when confronted with challenging situations. You explore various solutions to problems, recognizing that surrendering swiftly isn't the answer. It's generally effortless for you to connect with individuals, even if they are mere acquaintances. Once you harbor a positive intuition about someone or something, it's typically accurate.
the kingdom of the elements
The Origin of the Mind Test: The Basics of Nature
This test suggests that your soul is intrinsically linked with the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth, and the distinct personality traits associated with each. Perhaps, at times, your thoughts might be as fiery and untamed as a blaze, or others might perceive you to have a personality as refreshing as a gentle breeze. Those whose souls resonate with these elements often embody a mix of these and other traits, not merely restricted to attributes associated with a single or a pair of elements. Generally, you maintain a balanced mindset, adept at navigating a myriad of scenarios. Yet, when pushed to the edge, you unearth immense inner strength, displaying obstinacy akin to rock or depth resembling the vast ocean.
the kingdom of imagination
The Origin of the Mind Test: An Imaginary Realm
Your soul gleans strength and inspiration from a realm where the impossible becomes possible, granting you expansive thinking and laudable creativity. Individuals with a soul akin to yours tend to gravitate towards various artistic domains and hobbies, enabling unique self-expression. Even if this doesn't specifically apply to you, such pursuits hold significance in your life, offering your soul the tranquility and joy it might not find elsewhere. Fundamentally, your mind craves stimulation; devoid of it, ennui swiftly sets in. This is a situation you should monitor closely, as prolonged lack of mental engagement can adversely affect your mood, potentially culminating in depression if measures aren't taken to provide the dynamism and diversity your soul seeks.
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