What Path Does Your Life Take? Answer Our Quiz!

Whether you are young or getting on, the path our life takes us doesn't change much. We are meant for certain things and the path we chose (or will choose) has been created, paved and found by ourselves. We are the builders of our past and future. So what path has your life taken? What path will it take? Answer our quiz and find out!
Man walking near orange wall
Choose the door that attracts you the most
door built into a wall on the beach
Blue door
Door opening to the beach
big ancient entrance door
turquoise door and a blue house
Are you more extroverted or introverted?
human tongue with bird on it
Buddhist monk walks on petals
Man climbing on rocks
Which of these physical activities do you love, or used to love, the most?
man surfing
man climbs snowy mountain
man on soccer field
Soccer or American Football
man on skareboard
man riding bicycles
Man standing in street holding a bag
What motivates you to get up in the morning?
Money and Success
Seeing the faces of my loved ones
Following my passion
The thought of a new day
The possibility of being surprised
Girl walking in woods
What photograph do you like the most?
vehicle going through the desert
Highway at night time
2 lane road
train track through open ground
man in blanket standing in front of snowy mountain
Do you ever feel like the person in this painting?
In which of these environments would you feel most comfortable?
How would you describe your risk taking?
I jump in deep
I jump in shallow
I dive with my head forward
I splash through shallow water
I dive to the bottom
What do you prefer?
clouds in clear sky
Day time
moon tree and mountain
Night time
Do you take risks?
Where does this bridge lead?
To the unknown
To vacation
To new discoveries
To something inspiring
Do you feel happy at the moment?
What do you think is the meaning of life?
Scientific progress
Creating the next generation
woman in rocky desert landscape
What is your guiding principle in life?
You're Headed for Adventure and Surprise!
The path awaiting you is going to be a fascinating one, because you were born with the need to experience unusual things, tour the world and meet new people. You prefer not to plan too much ahead and you just follow your heart to new adventure. Because of this, you will probably choose an original way to pursue your dreams!
You're Headed for Creativity and Passion
Your life path is guided by your deep emotion and passion. It is likely you will always prefer a job that will allow you to express yourself creatively. Doing art or any other form of self-expression is a dream that will accompany you for years. Even if you don't become an artist, it's important you always seek to make your passion come true.
You're Headed for a Family Life
Your path is leading you to a happy family life, whether you are making one or already have one. You can say you were born to be a parent and grandparent, and this role comes naturally to you and makes you feel whole. You're a shoe-in for an educational role, but you probably show your good heart in any role you choose.
You're Headed for a Path of Financial Success
Your life path has (or has already) taken you to financial initiatives and business-related activities. You have a strong need to achieve and succeed, you trust your own abilities, and you will never stop working towards the goals you've set for yourself. You're your own biggest motivator.
You're Headed for a Path of Education and Professional Development
lit light bulb
Your life path has (or has already) taken you to a place of growth and development through the acquisition of knowledge. You love learning and believe it is the right way to proceed in life and make yourself better. You are probably a model employee in almost anything you put yourself into. You are knowledgeable, and people often come to you for advice or for explanation.
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