Are You Still a Child Inside?

Some say the secret to inner happiness is never grow up, staying a Peter-Pan like child forever. Unfortunately (or maybe not), childhood is doomed to be a remembered thing, something you can only fully grasp when you are no longer in it. However, you will always carry that little kid you were with you, like a secret seed from which you sprouted, tucked inside your most secret of hearts. Do you allow that child to come out, or is it hidden so deep inside it never sees the light of day? Take our quiz to seek it out...
camping tent on a mountain
One of your friends is arranging a camping trip and invites you to come along, what is your reply?
"How much will it cost?"
"Let me just check my calendar."
Get excited for something to break the daily routine
disorganized work station
How would you describe your work environment and/or clothes closet?
Neat and tidy
A bit of a mess, but I know where everything is
Total chaos
two women lying head to head
How would your friends and family describe you?
woman stretches in front of window
Your boss gave you the day off, what will you do?
Tasks I haven't had time for
Get a good rest in bed
Arrange a social meet up with a friend or friends
Do something fun I haven't done in a long time
man hugs dog
Choose the animal you feel most connected to:
בחן את עצמך: רופא מחזיק גיליון רפואי
The doctor told you to start being more careful with yourself. What do you do?
Start working out and decrease my sugar and fat intake
Make an extreme life change
Keep doing what I'm doing, you only live once
city road
You're walking down the street when you see a famous artist / actor / musician you really admire. What do you do?
Respect their privacy and not address them
Walk to them calmly and tell them what a fan I am of their work
I couldn't help myself, I would excitedly ask for an autograph
girl blowing out birthday candles
What would you like for your birthday?
Just for people I like to wish me happy birthday
A big dinner with my favorite people
Gifts, and lots of them!
woman talks to man and smiles
Your friend tells you a story that sounds a bit far-fetched. What do you do?
Ask him lots of questions and see if their story makes sense
It's just a story, I don't need to know
Make up an even stranger story
people sitting and eating around a table
During a family gathering, who do you like hanging out with the most?
The Grownups
The Kids
Choose your favorite vehicle:
woman's legs next to book and soup bowl
What do you do when you're sick?
Make myself soup and make sure I have all the right medicine
Go to the doctor's and sleep a lot
Lie in bed and let my spouse take care of me
The Child in You is Alive and Well!
Boy jumping on trampoline
People who know you since you were little would probably claim you haven't changed a bit! You're still the same energetic, funny and spontaneous person you always were. This doesn't mean you lack maturity, but it defitiely means you haven't let go of that inner child of yours. You can let it out and play, enjoying the world in the best, most visceral way. Some people may look at you funny, but don't pay any attention, and let that child play!
There's Still a Child in You, But rarely seen.
boy standing with arms crossed
There IS a kid in you, or more likely a teen, showing their face only when life gives them the rare opportunity to come out. You still enjoy the music you loved but don't find it easy going to concerts. You'd like to sit down and see all the movies and books you missed out on but there are more important things to do. Don't worry, you still have an inner child, but they just grew alongside with you, at a slower pace, so they have new priorities now, just like you. One could say you have a fine balance between the adult you are and the child you used to be.
Your Inner Child Must Be Buried Very Deep
child sitting on the grass looking sad
When was the last time you let that little kid inside you out to do something like laugh their heart out? If it's been too long, maybe it's time to consider searching for them, deep inside - look for memories of old times that will connect you to that child. It isn't gone, it's just waiting for you...
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