What Kind of Ego Do You Possess?

We're all familiar with the term 'Ego'. Some of us think of this word in a negative way, thinking of selfish people or people who have huge, inflated egos. Some of us may think of ego as a good thing, that part of us that makes us proud of who we are, fierce in defending ourselves, and strong in the face of enmity. Ego might well be different things to different people. So how powerful is YOUR ego, and what kind is it? Answer these questions to find out.
woman taking a selfie on the beach
How often do you look at yourself on your phone?
I take a few photos of myself each day
Only if I have something stuck in my teeth
Only when I video chat
people sitting and talking in a cafe
Who has the last word in the conversation?
I do, because I'm usually right
Depends on the situation and person
I really don't care about such things
A woman with angel wings
Do you feel as if there is a sort of 'halo' of pride around you?
Nothing wrong with a bit of pride
Sometimes, but just for moments
No, and I hate people who feel like that
a woman combing her hair in front of a mirror
How good do you feel when you look in the mirror?
I really like how I look
I have my good days and bad
I really don't care either way
man writing on top on table
If you have to use 3 adjectives to describe yourself, you would choose...
Talented, beautiful and confident
Relaxed, calculated and intelligent
Quiet, sensitive, introspective
three women in expensive attire
What does this image make you think of?
Like I'm looking at myself
I like what they are wearing
It disgusts me
mirror, makeup brushes and flowers
How many mirrors are in your house?
Almost one per room
Three: Bathroom, corridor and bedroom
One, in the bathroom
fit man and woman
Would you like to look like these people?
I'm perfect the way I am
Not really, no
a woman standing in front of her portrait
How would you define the word "Ego"?
Trying to show the world what you're worth
An eternal battle between right and wrong
Everything that's wrong with the world
hand holding two ace cards
How do you react when you lose a game or a bet?
Annoyed, I would offer a rematch
Take it easy. You win some, you lose some.
It's ok, I'm used to it.
a woman thinking in front of a notebook
Do you have life ambitions you haven't gotten to fulfill yet?
Yes, but I'm on my way to doing so
Yes, but I don't really expect myself to any time soon
No, I'm satisfied with what I've achieved so far
a woman sitting on a cliff
Do you think ego is important?
Yes, without it people will never believe in you
Yes, but one needs to learn to tightly control it
No, it only damages your relationships with other people
You Have the Ego of a Duck
It seems like your ego isn't very strong, and in fact may be a bit on the lower end. On the one hand, this may mean you have high self control. On the other hand, you may be judging yourself because you think society thinks of you in a certain way. Either way, you don't have to put your head underwater, preen your feathers a bit and let people compliment you. We're sure you won't overdo it, that's not in your nature.
You Have the Ego of a Cat
You keep your ego at a reasonable level. Not unlike a cat cleaning itself, you won't let what others want from you in the moment interfere with your inner focus. Sometimes you let your ego get the better of you, but that's usually only among close friends and family, and you trust them to accept that. You show empathy to others, and that makes you a better person to be around.
You Have the Ego of a Peacock
Your ego is large and in charge, and you have no qualms about showing the world what you are worth. It's hard for you to hide the good things about you. Remember, there is always someone better, stronger or smarter, so modesty is a great trait to have as well. Be aware of how people around you respond to this kind of pride. Don't be ashamed of your accomplishments, you deserve to be complimented for them. At the same time, don't lord it over those who are not as fortunate.
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