What Would Freud Say About Your Ego?

According to Freud, a person's psyche includes three parts. The ID is that part of us that is completely controlled by urges, be they biological or psychological. The super ego, which is responsible for the cultural influences and our morality, is stopping us from listening to our ID when the time isn't right (no you can't pee right now you must wait for a bathroom). And the third is the Ego, which communicates between the other 2 parts and makes sure we use the right part for the job at hand. Each of us has these parts, but in different strengths, which makes us different from each other. This test will allow you to see how your parts are built and which parts are strongest. Enjoy!
Alarm clock
Which of these photos is closest to your morning routine?
woman doing yoga
Light exercise
man in bed
Sleeping till late
holding cup of coffee
Drinking Coffee
man walks with dog
Going on a trip
Annoyed man
How quickly do you get annoyed at others?
It's very hard to anger me
I don't get angry much
I get angry pretty fast
It only takes me a second
father and boy walking
Which word describes your father best?
Which trait describes your mother best?
Scared woman
Which image scares you the most?
scary clown
scary  baby
scary mask
Girl disappointed in front of computer
What would you rather do right now?
girl running
Go for a run
woman sleeping
woman at the beach
Go to the beach
greek god
Which Greek God do you find most appealing?
Apollo, god of sun and light
Aphrodite, goddess of love and lust
Athena, goddess of wisdom and justice
Poseidon, god of oceans and earthquakes
man with book
How do you handle tests?
It's hard for me to study and I dread them
I try to balance studying and rest times
I give up studying at the get go
I don't rise from the chair until I know it all
shopping cart
The line you are standing in turns out to be the slowest one of all, what do you do?
I'm indecisive and will switch lines a few times
Wait patiently, eventually they'll get to me
Leave the things in the shop and leave
Convey my opinion loudly and angrily
birthday cake
How do you celebrate your spouse's birthday?
Ask them to decide what to do
Come up with a nice idea you think will please them
Make plans and hope he/she likes them
Do something really elaborate that takes a lot of planning before
Entry door
What will you always take before you leave home?
I have a bag I always take
Keys, wallet and cellphone
Back home because I forgot something important
I always plan in advance what I'll take with me
Bag next to door
The perfect travel destination for you is...
I always make up my mind in the last moment
A few European countries
Sunbathing on some tropical island
Any place I haven't been yet
You are in the middle of a struggle between your ID and your Super Ego
Since our ID controls our urges and the super ego is in charge of our morals, you manage to see both sides of the coin, but often find yourself fighting between your urges and your sense of what is right. You have strong passions, and you may find yourself addicted to things that enhance it, and despite your conversational abilities, you may find yourself struggling to control your anger. The solution? Check yourself and what you're feeling on a regular basis, building that third part, the ego, that communicates between the two.
You have a healthy and well balanced personality
Congratulations! You have a really healthy psyche, where the super ego and the ID are perfectly balances. You have a lot of control over what you do and what you say, as well as control over your urges and instincts, allowing them to affect you only when you need them. You probably have a very calming personality.
You are controlled by your ID
Since the ID is in charge of our most ancient and immediate urges, you are a very oral person in that you are always looking for the next satisfaction. You may eat a lot or smoke, and it's hard for you to show patience and restrains. You will be surprised to find out how much patience can help you in life, and we hope you look into developing that side of you.
You are controlled by your Super Ego
As a person controlled by their super ego, you have a tendency to ignore your urges completely and act by head and not by heart. You are probably ambitious and driven, and never surrender to non-optimal solutions. You deserve appreciation, no doubt, but all the same it's important to give ourselves the time to rest, as well.
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