Your Dreams Can Say a Lot About Your Current Life...

You've had a long day of work, it's night-time and you go into bed to get some blessed sleep. Slowly, your consciousness is enveloped by images and stories coming from your subconscious. You may have adventures or go through horrifying experiences, you may meet people you know or knew, or new people altogether. Dreams can be expressions of many psychological (and biological) processes our brain uses to understand information. So what is your subconscious usually telling you? What do your dreams say in imagery you can't say in words? Take our test and discover what your nightly escapades say about you. The results may surprise you...
woman standing inside lighted building
Who do you tend to see the most in your dreams?
People I currently know
People I used to know
Famous people
Strange people
infinity symbol in flame
Do you have any recurring dreams?
book with fairy and moon on it
Do you have supernatural abilities in your dreams?
Singing angel
Do you ever remember your dreams?
I always remember them in detail
I remember a small part
Only if they are extraordinary
I never remember them
A woman sleeping in bed
How deep is your sleep?
Very deep
Easily disturbed
Depends on the day I had
Woman sleeping
Which of the following are you most likely to dream of?
Television shows
Social Events
The opposite sex
drawing of girl leaning on tree
Which of the following dreams do you have the most?
Being chased or hunted
Public embarassment
Teeth falling out
None of the above
Man on a dock looking at moon
What type of dreams do you usually experience?
Positive dreams about the future
Terrifying nightmares
Reliving past events
Daily, ordinary activities
sky full of stars and birds and a moon
How would you describe your dreams?
Incredibly realistic
Exotic and strange
Quiet and peaceful
Enjoyable and fun
A lot like my daily life
Woman sleeping
Which of the following motifs do you see in your dreams the most?
Blood and death
Intercourse or love
Nature and water
People who have passed on
Open book featuring a dog, birds, girl with umbrela
Where do most of your dreams take place?
At home
Where I work/study
A bar or restaurant
Some place I've never been
Woman with eyes closed praying
Do you ever have "lucid dreams" in which you are conscious the dream is a dream?
man inside a bubble
How do you feel during most of your dreams?
Scared or upset
Astonished or surprised
Angry or frustrated
Nervous or anxious
Confused and lost
girl dreaming of jumping sheep
How would you describe the quality of your sleep?
Relaxed and calm
Changes from day to day
Fragmented and tiring
You're in a Calm Period of Your Life
Woman sitting outside
You are a calm person, some would even say you are an old soul. This means you are capable of handling unexpected situations with calm. This trait allows you to deal with daily problems, solving them in a way that allows you a deep, calming sleep at night. You have a great emotional balance, and we can only wish you a continuation of this peaceful slumber.
You Are Troubled By Outside Events
woman with head down
It seems like you are sailing stormy waters right now, or in other words, you are going through a period of intense emotions, which causes disturbing dreams. You tend to put your emotions aside, and they end up frustrating you. This creates dreams that knock against your consciousness, demanding to be heard. You may feel like you have little control over your life. We recommend you stop ignoring these issues and confront them if you want to have a more peaceful slumber.
You Have a Need For a Better Love Life
paper heart ripped
You are quite satisfied with your life, but it seems some matters of the heart (or libido) are interfering with your peace and quiet. You sometimes feel as if you are giving lots of love to your other half, but not getting as much as you'd like back, perhaps making you feel less imporatnt to that person. It is important to flush these emotions to the surface and confront them to get that peaceful slumber.
You Are Frustrated By Events Outside Your Control
half of a woman's face
You are in a difficult period in your life when you feel things are outside your personal control, such as your health or someone's else's health. Sometimes it feels like all you've worked for is being overshadowed by these and other events you had nothing to do with, and this make you sad. Remember that every storm passes, and as long as you keep doing what you believe in, you will see improvement come along.
You Are in Control of Your Life
man and woman in suits walking next to each other
You life is generally going the way you want them to, but you feel like something is missing. You probably ended up here because you've been keeping strict control over your life, navigating it like a seasoned pilot. This has cost you, though, over the years. It's important to know how to let go of the wheel sometimes, and just enjoy all you've worked to achieve. Laugh even if things don't go exactly according to plan!
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