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Want to know what the future has in store for you, but don't have the courage or cash to visit a psychic? If so you're in luck, as this interactive psychic examination is straightforward, free of charge, and mysteriously accurate! Don't forget to share it with anyone you know who is concerned about their own future...
jellyfish in space
Which of these pictures are you drawn to the most?
monochrome sketch
stunning waterfall
eye on dollar bill
suit of armour
exploding star
plane at sundown
vintage clock
What age bracket do you fit into?
I'm under 20
I'm in my 20s
I'm in my 30s
I'm in my 40s
I'm in my 50s
I'm in my 60s
I'm over 70
tarot reader
Which of these Tarot cards are you drawn to the most?
The Sun tarot card
The Moon tarot card
The Lovers tarot card
Strength tarot card
Temperance tarot card
The Star tarot card
The Magician tarot card
abstract painting
What do you see in this abstract painting?
Different body parts.
Shadowy figures.
Powerful animals in motion.
Birds in flight.
War and destruction.
All these things and more...
palm reading guide
Compare this chart to the lines on your own hands. What stands out the most?
That the line of fate intersects with the line of the head.
That the heart line looks very different to the picture.
That the head line looks very different to the picture.
That the life line curves at quite a different angle.
The Curve of Venus is much larger than in the picture.
That your travel lines are very prominent.
This takes too much time, next question please!
abstract fractal image
Which of these abstract pictures are you drawn to the most?
abstract cat image
abstract painting
colorful lasers
geometric shapes
flowers and cacti
dew on purple leaf
rainbow dandelion
woman reading book on vacation
Lately, you find that you've been telling yourself...
Everything happens for a reason.
I just want to let loose and be myself.
One day at a time.
My hard work WILL pay off!
There's got to be more to life than this!
There has to be someone out there for me...
I've got what it takes!
monochrome alpaca
Which of these animals do you identify with the most?
tiger roaring
small elephant
monkey sitting
eagle from side
dolphin smiling
colorful abstract galaxy
Which of these colors are you drawn to the most?
abstract blue image
abstract green image
pink petals
field of violets
yellow powder
marble pattern
red galaxy
fortune teller with crystal skull
What question would you most like to ask a psychic in person?
Am I going to find love anytime soon?
Will things get easier?
Should I stay or should I go?
Will all this hard work pay off?
Should I really let go of what my family and friends want me to do?
Will I discover why I am here?
Will I be lucky if I start something new?
"Creative impulses are tugging at you..."
colorful umbrellas in the sky
You are a bit restless lately, and yet you are thinking outside of the box and wanting to act on your many ideas. Right now is a time for you to let go of old ways of thinking and acting, and to start putting your creative ideas into action. You may find that you want to try a new hobby, or to change jobs. A period of heightened creativity lies before you, and its expansive charge will help you redefine who you are and redirect your life's path. You must take advantage of this desire to explore and take risks, because it will shape your life for the better. Don't worry too much about the illusion of failure or question yourself too excessively... You know this only causes you to feel stuck and frustrated. Let your ideas flow, and act on them.
"Accomplishment comes slowly, but it is coming..."
turquoise fireworks
You cannot climb a mountain and expect to get to the top quickly. Slow down, and take notice of the beautiful things that you find along the way... You WILL get to that place you've been aiming for: that sweet spot where you feel more self-assured and accomplished, and you will make strides in financial gains as well. This last year has been a challenge, to say the least, but it will make the rewards even sweeter. You are quick to comfort others and give words of wisdom, so take your own advice and ride the waves to the top.
"You are right where you're supposed to be..."
dolphin in bottle of water
Life hasn't been too easy for you lately, but you are where you are supposed to be. The balance you are seeking will fall into place. The work that you have done, and are doing, will not go to waste. You will start to taste the sweet side of 'bittersweet' that you have been craving. Although you crave more emotional intimacy or financial rewards from your efforts, those things will come in time, when the balancing act is achieved. Exercise patience. You have had your fair share of hardship throughout your life, and when you come out of this confusing and chaotic time, you will be the leader and creative spirit others know you to be.
"An intimate encounter is just around the corner..."
rose garden
Intimacy, and a greater connection to others is in the near future for you. It could be in the form of a romantic relationship or it could be a completely different kind of intimacy... Perhaps you will begin to form a deeper relationship with a friend or a family member who you have always wanted to be close with. You might even experience the presence of someone you cared for that you lost, and find peace and harmony, and some closure. There is no doubt though that intimacy and fulfilling relationships are on the horizon for you. Don't cling to or get too wrapped up in what can go wrong... This can, and has caused problems in the past. Take it slow, appreciate the little moments, and remind yourself you are deserving of amazing partners, friends, deep and fulfilling connections, and love.
"You are here for a very special reason"
dove in the starry skies
You are going through a period of asking yourself, "What am I here for?" and "What does this all mean?" Trust me, in the next coming months you will start to delve into these questions, but with an entirely new mindset. First off, congratulate yourself for all the hard work you have done up to this point. You are rather hard on yourself, thinking that what you have done hasn't made much of a difference. It has, and it still does! Get back in touch with the natural abilities you noticed you had as a child, and what other people tell you that you're good at. Sometimes our greatest gifts are there staring us in the face, we just have foggy vision. Don't let fear and self-criticism run the show. You are good at keeping them around, subconsciously thinking they will push you to try harder. Practice a compassionate approach toward connecting with your greater purpose, and you'll find your sweet spot.
"No risk, no reward"
horse escaping from sandstorm
You are on the precipice of great change... That is if you let yourself take the risks and let go of your fears that stand in the way! Don't worry about pleasing others. You have done that in the past and it has only caused you frustration. It's time for you to make up your own unique anthem. Travel someplace new, or have a romantic fling... allow yourself to take wonder in the many pleasures of life, and not become attached to a particular outcome. Allow yourself to let go, especially of that fear of failure. Focus on self-discovery and make a new path for yourself. Your life is demanding it.
"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?"
bird flying over fields at dusk
Uncomplicated independence and freedom is just what you are seeking, and you will find it. You have felt a bit stifled and held back by current circumstances and situations in your life, but do not worry. You will find a way to break free and start living your life according to your beliefs and passions. You have felt that uncomfortable pull in many directions, and your efforts to please others at times. It is time to let go of expectations from others, and start living out your full potential. Your true friends and loved ones will understand the necessary changes in the coming months, and will support the new you that emerges. You are strong, and keeping things 'together' can get exhausting, so let go! Enjoy the moment, and say no... Carve out a new path. When you say no to others, you are saying YES to yourself, so never feel guilty for it!
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