Discover What Spiritual Archetype You Possess

In order to obtain an element of control over our spiritual lives, it is essential to discover what kind of spiritual archetype we truly fit into. Only then will we be able to virtually master our spirituality, since we'll be able to better guide our efforts, making our time on Earth more fruitful. To find out what spiritual archetype you possess, simply answer the questions below with an honest heart and an open mind.
What natural phenomenon are you most in tune with?
hands in the rain
snowy scene
rainbow over field
foggy forest
tornado between 2 ships
old suitcases
Where would you most like to visit?
hut in Hawaii
Sedona Healing Vortex
Japanese temple
church in Jerusalem
cliff dwellings
6 infinity symbols
Which symbol are you most drawn towards?
mystical symbol
3D triangular symbol
Christian dove symbol
flowery peace symbol
mystical symbol
mystical symbol
lit candles
Which of these spiritual tools do use find most appealing?
rainbow crystals
sage plant
glasses on Bible
A Holy Book
orange yoga mat
A Yoga Mat
ancient runes
gold pendulum
A Pendulum
tunnel library
Which word do you most resonate with?
drawing a house in the sky
Which of these is your dream home?
cabin by the lake
huge mansion
castle on a hill
floating hotel in Bora Bora
treehouse in the woods
modern apartments
suitcase full of cash
What would you do if you won the lottery?
Give the money to charity.
Travel the world.
Buy a massive home.
Host the biggest party ever.
Open a business.
Hold onto it for later.
zen pebbles
Which of these images resonates with you the most?
family in heart-shaped cave
rose inside book
horse silhouette
the Milky Way
sunlight coming through the clouds
Which best describes yourself?
Wise & Knowledgeable
A Healer
Receptive to All Possibilities
A Guiding Light
wrapped gifts
What do you want for Christmas?
World Peace
A Vacation
A Book
A Kitten or a Puppy
Nothing at all...
monochrome pattern
Which pattern do you find the most attractive?
snake skin
leather couch
patterned ball
round pattern
purple crystal
red paint on blank canvas
man in suit pushing a rock up a hill
Which of these struggles has been the most dominant in your life?
Letting Go
Thinking Rather Than Feeling
Living in the Past
The Shaman
abstract shaman
It appears as though your spiritual archetype is The Shaman. Shamans were revered and sought after for their counsel, and they held a position which was honored and appreciated among their people. You may find that you embody these traits in your life and work. The Shaman finds they attract others who are seeking guidance and support, without even offering it. As a Shaman, people may be drawn to you without explanation as to why. Because you channel this ancient energy, others are drawn to it, seeking your wisdom and counsel.
The Mythologist
fantastical sculpture
It appears as though your spiritual archetype is The Mythologist. You relish in the magic of lore and daydream about the existence of unicorns, fairies, wizards and mermaids. You believe in Man's ability to induce magic and miracles into caporal form. You love stories, especially detailed tales of faraway places that transport you from the modern day. You love fantasy books and films and are fascinated by Gods and legends.
The Eastern Philosopher
statue of Buddha
It appears as though your spiritual archetype is The Eastern Philosopher. As a result, you tend to possess a soft, quiet and unchallenging personality. You are often subdued and prefer to avoid confrontation. You see beauty in the smallest of details and believe in letting everything be as it is meant to be. You love seeing other people smile and believe life is a beautiful journey both spiritually and personally. What's more, you're wholeheartedly determined to enjoy every single moment of it.
The New Ager
fish in the clouds
It appears as though your spiritual archetype is The New Ager. You've spent your lifetime practicing spirituality 'their way' and are now ready to live and practice your spirituality on your own terms. You have been through the trenches and seek to incorporate spirituality into every aspect of your life. Spirituality is a journey and you enjoy traveling with loving souls who 'get it.' You celebrate life and see your friends as the family you choose.
The Lightworker
lightwork concept
It appears as though your spiritual archetype is The Lightworker. You have experienced a lot in your life and on your spiritual path but are always eager for more. Because of this you are extremely nurturing and understanding of others. You have worked through a lot of your blocks and have come out on the other side more wise and peaceful than even you could have imagined. You see every day as an opportunity to develop your spirituality and are constantly amazed by the clever ways the universe speaks to you to convey its messages.
The Theologian
old hands holding candle over Bible
It appears as though your spiritual archetype is The Theologian. You read scriptures and ancient texts which describe the omnipotent presence of God and yearn to know this presence in your life. You are incredibly intellectual and study profusely. You have a library full of the works of leaders you follow and admire that will assist you in achieving success on your path. Few other people are as determined and strong-willed as someone such as yourself!
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