What's Your Guardian Angel Trying to Tell You?

Whether you believe in them or not, everybody has a guardian angel looking after them, and from time to time they are known to send us messages that we can use to help improve our lives. However, their messages can often be quite subtle and hard to understand, so the quiz below will help you work out exactly what they're trying to tell you, based on your personality and life experiences.
inspiration sports concept
What inspires you to do great things?
Art and Music
colorful fruits
Choose the picture which you find the most appealing:
white rose
clover leaves
black tree on white background
fancy pink cake
blue fireworks
rubber ducks
woman kissing boxing gloves
baby wearing hat
antique items
Which of these is the most important to you?
group of monks wearing orange
Do you like being around other people?
With a select few.
I need a balance of alone time and socializing.
I like finding new friends.
I prefer animals.
I prefer being alone.
I enjoy my friends and family, not new people.
fox staring at relection
How would you want to be described?
red flower floating on lake
Are you typically more skeptical or hopeful?
woman staring at sea
What occupies your mind the most?
The afterlife
The future
The present
The past
red throne room
What role from a Royal Court would you best fit into?
stained glass king
court jester
Court Jester
group of heralds playing trumpets
knight on horseback
calligraphy writing set
Chief Advisor
priest close-up
falcon getting ready to fly
army holding flag
Standard Bearer
colorful stones
Choose your favorite crystal or gemstone:
purple crystal
pink crystal
yellow crystal
white crystal
turquoise crystal
black crystal
fiery crystal
blue and white crystal
mixed spices in kitchen
Choose your favorite herb or spice
cumin in dish
cinnamon sticks
rosemary bush
close-up of chives
baby wearing pink hat
How often do you dream?
Most nights.
Every once in a while.
Pretty rarely.
I hardly ever dream.
apple and book in classroom
Which of these subjects did you prefer at school?
Art or Music
Appreciate The Here And Now
child angel sitting on pillar
Your guardian angel can see you are passionate, ambitious, and full of life. As they watch over you, your guardian angel tries to direct you toward the small, simple, and seemingly insignificant things in life. You are so driven and focused on the future that sometimes you are impatient and forget to appreciate the here and now. They also send signals about listening to your intuition before you pour yourself into a relationship. Your guardian angel wants the best for you and wishes to see you find balance between your adventurous nature and having patience.
Never Stop Being Such a Lovable Soul
view of angel from pink window
When your guardian angel watches over you, they see a sensitive and beautiful soul with great potential for deep connections. The message your guardian angel would want to share is that you are loved and lovable. Being on the receiving end of your affection is precious, so take caution with who you trust and love. You tend to avoid conflicts, but your guardian angel wants you to fight for the things that are worth fighting for. Instead of resenting you, people will respect you and understand.
Keep Pushing Your Limits
angel in a storm
Your guardian angel watches over you and sees your free spirit, wanderlust, and enthusiasm for life. You have important dreams that are at risk of being forgotten and your guardian angel wants to prevent you from getting stuck. Like a river that flows over the land, when one path becomes blocked you must change course or you will become stale. You will benefit from breaking your patterns and pushing your limits.
Let People Into Your Heart
angel in the clouds
The lovely soul your guardian angel watches over belongs to a deeply empathetic, considerate, and gentle person. Your guardian angel would want to tell you to release the past, let more people in, and tell the people you love just how much you care about them. Because of your sensitivity, you can come across as withdrawn and get misunderstood as uncaring. When your guardian angel sees your true self, they see how trustworthy your intuition has always been. Your guardian angel wants you to open up and follow your inner compass.
Tend To The Physical World
modern angel by stream
Your guardian angel can see that you care intensely, have a deep connection to the spiritual world, and seek pure harmony. The message your guardian angel would want to tell you is that there are practical things in the physical world that need your attention. Sometimes you are so drawn to long-term visions and powerful dreams that you can forget ordinary life. Your guardian angel loves that you are in touch with the divine and wants you to continue with your personal growth.
Love Someone Unlike You
fantasy angel sitting on bridge
What your guardian angel sees is your true self: an independent, sophisticated, and strong soul. Their message for you is to make yourself vulnerable to those who try to see past your serious exterior. You have always been adept at keeping people at bay through mystery and distance. Your guardian angel wants to guide you toward someone who seems very different from you. It may or may not be a romantic relationship, but there will be important growth through feeling empathy for a personality you might have assumed to be shallow or less authentic than you.
Be Mindful and Skeptical
angel making rain
Your guardian angel has watched over you and sees that you are cheerful, intelligent, and playful. As your guardian, they want you to be your optimistic self, however that bright outlook will always need to be balanced by some skeptical questions and careful planning. Focus on your dreams because you are the only person with the potential to achieve them. Your guardian angel will protect you, but you must do your part to be mindful during your journey.
It's Time To Rejuvenate
angel in the clouds
The guardian angel protecting you has seen how brave and self-reliant you have been throughout your life. They have tried to communicate to you that the burden on your shoulders is too great and that all of your responsibilities are taking a toll on your spirit. Your guardian angel knows how badly you strive to avoid letting people down. Listen to their angelic message that you deserve spiritual rejuvenation.
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