Where Should You Go for Inspiration?

If your hometown no longer seems to be supplying you with the inspiration you need, then it might be time to take a trip to somewhere completely different, either just for a short vacation or perhaps even for a permanent relocation. But where should you go? Take this test and find out!
toy photographer
What is your artistic passion?
painting of Holland
German architecture
theater mask
camera lens
light bulb
Which image inspires you the most?
closeup of bridge
ocean and sky
busy street
couch in empty room
taking a photo with phone
Do you prefer things to be still or in motion?
empty street at dawn
view from back of moving train
closeup of white feather
When are you the most creative?
leaves outside
In the morning.
lone man in dark empty parking lot
At night.
clouds behind trees
Which type of climate do you find the most inspiring?
raining on pavement
rain in forest
cloudy sky
driving through desert
fountain light show
Which of these words do you connect with the most?
dirty block of apartments
Choose the apartment you'd most like to live in:
modern block of apartments
English terraced houses
modern block of apartments
abstract picture
What do you love most about this picture?
The dolphin
The tree
The ground
The rain
horses running
Which of these animals do you prefer?
dolphin in sea
raccoon in snow
fox in snow
Which pattern do you find the most intriguing?
abstract pattern
sandy pattern
artichoke pattern
luminescent jellyfish
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
You are inspired by the arts and want to live in an up-and-coming city that is bursting at the seams. Far from Europe, the central hub for arts in Latin America, Buenos Aires, is bound to completely blow you away. Gritty, vibrant and lively, this city is a theater and arts hotspot, simply bursting with creativity that will inspire anyone looking for a new spring in their step.
Lisbon houses
Lisbon is the new cultural capital of Europe and people can't stop raving about this city. Lisbon is perfect for street artists and film makers that are looking for a more relaxed way of life and cheaper living. Offering a bustling hub for artists, this city will make you feel inspired and free like no other!
Berlin monument
Berlin is one of Europe's greatest urban hubs, and offers a fantastic lifestyle as well as a creative industry. The cold weather and dark winter nights that this city offers have inspired many great artists to create brilliant masterpieces over the centuries, and we're sure that this great city has everything you need to get inspired too!
Tower Bridge at night
There's no city in the world more perfect for you than London! If you love photography and architecture then you'll feel right at home in this innovative and forward-thinking city. Travelling to London will allow you to meet with and draw inspiration from great minds from all around the world, since there are very few other cities that have a greater degree of multiculturalism than London does.
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