What Is Your Life Story?

According to popular belief, when a person feels they are about to die, they see their whole lives flash before their eyes and they get a new perspective on their entire life experience. This is a rather shaky experience because we do not tend to think about our lives from a broad perspective or try to summarize it - most people simply let life lead them and focus only on certain moments of their past. The test before you will give you the opportunity to take a pause from life’s daily pursuit, look at your life and discover the basic story behind it, all this based on your answers to this quiz that should reveal quite a few details about your personality. So what are you waiting for? Start answering the questions and discover your life story...
a man with a laughing face beside his angry face
Do you see yourself as a pessimist or an optimist?
A little of both
Illustration of both sides of the brain, creative and analytic
Are you more creative or analytical?
A little of both
A man placing his finger on words in a book
Pick the word you relate to best:
Chinese fortune cookie
What is your favorite motto?
"Think big!"
"Hard on the outside, but soft on the inside."
"Overcome. Win. Live long."
"Just do it!"
"Make the most of the moment."
"Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude."
Candy on a table
Which of the following candies do you feel can best describe your life so far?
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Gummy Bears
Gummy Bears
Chocolate covered strawberries
Mike Prosser
Chocolate covered strawberries
Fruit flavored candy
Fruit flavored candy
People standing on a building in front of the sun
How does the word "work" make you feel?
Illustration of a person standing in front of the sun
Do you feel blessed from Above?
photo collection
Which of the following pictures do you most connect to?
A man standing in front of the light at the end of a tunnel
A yellow sunflower flower in the desert
Illustration of a loving couple in a burning heart
A green plant blooming in a desolate place
A dog smiling
A man sitting and thinking
What is your top priority now?
My family
My friends
My relationship
My job
My pleasure
a woman with a big smile
At what time in your life were you happiest?
Exactly at the present moment
In my early childhood
I never really felt happy
When I finished college
When I met the love of my life
A glass on a windowsill
What is your favorite drink?
Fruit Shake
Fruit Shake
When it comes to you, "strange" isn’t necessarily a bad thing…
A man dancing funnily
Erica Zabowski
You are a unique person with an extraordinary passion for life. Your average day is filled with laughter and gaiety, and that's the way you love to live your life. Things don’t always work out in the most logical way, and strange things happen to you a little more often than they do to others, but you wouldn’t want your life to look any different; You believe that the capricious manner in which it is being lived makes it so exciting and enjoyable.
You've dealt with tragedies in your life, but luck and skill have always been on your side
A sad woman holding colored balloons
Your life hasn’t always been simple, and you obviously have quite a few skeletons in your closet, but you never let these things stop you. Your past difficulties are what made you who you are today, they built you and they represent a significant part of your personality. Although it was easier to escape and not to cope, you chose to stay and overcome all obstacles and learned a great deal during your life journey. Deep down you know that standing face to face with your inner demons, and overcoming them is the way to a better future.
Your life moves between sadness and anger, and self-confidence and happiness
A girl half-smiling with her hand on her head
Your life can be difficult occasionally, and when things don’t go your way you find yourself frustrated and wondering why this is so. You've never liked making big decisions, but on the other hand, you're good at getting to know new people and creating long-term friendships. In addition, you’re very aware of your feelings and emotions and believe in a great approach that says it is best to let everything out rather than leave things inside. You're always there for others and tends to take things personally - so it is important for you to know that ultimately you are a thoughtful and loyal person, a good friend, and showing of feelings makes you appealing personality and captivating.
You are always happy and satisfied with less
A woman opening her hands in front of the rising sun
You are the classic definition of a survivor: a patient, calm, and strong person and most importantly - full of hope and belief that things will work out in the end for the best. You have always been the type who can look at every problem that arises and see the light at the end of the tunnel, or the glass half full where you can console yourself. You have to be a very special person to know to always notice the only glittering star in a dark cloudy sky - but you do so without any effort at all, so you deserve all the praise.
For you - love conquers all
A couple hugging next t0 a motorbike with a starry sky in the background
Your life is full of love and belief that everything in the world has beauty. It is likely that in your life you are often perceived as na?ve and innocent, but that is because others do not see life as beautiful and pure as you - and the loss is all theirs. You trust in others and avoid confrontations, and in addition, you believe that everyone in this world has their destiny. You are a lively and energetic person, who loves to love and fall in love every day anew, do not give up this joy of life, because it is the main force that drives the story of your life.
You do not regret anything in life
A man standing in front of the sun
You are a happy and enthusiastic person, but also different in a way- which is what attracts people to you and keeps the interest in you. There have been a lot of ups and downs in your life story, because of the way you look at life; You are not the kind of person who can be discouraged and easily frustrated. You have always known how to live life to the fullest and the desire to try anything that exists in the world, at least once, has always burned in you. You believe with all your being that good and right will eventually prevail, and you are surely right!
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