Discover the Truth About the Flow of Your Life ...

When life goes well, we feel that that it’s really "flowing" like river water, but when we have no sense of progress or satisfaction, we feel as though our lives are "stuck". Do you feel that your life has recently been flowing or stuck? Does your personality allow you to progress and flow to better places? To find the answers to these questions, answer the following 12 questions and discover how your life flows...
How your life flows: A girl looking at a landscape that appears inside a crystal ball
How often have things that you guessed or knew would happen, happened?
How your life flows: the silhouette of a man standing in front of a board with arrows
With which part of your body do you make most of your decisions?
With my instinctual gut
With my emotional heart
With my logical brain
How your life flows: a question mark
With which way of life do you identify with more?
Hard work produces positive results
Life is a game of luck
How your life flows: stones and a river
If you were a river and a big rock fell in the middle of your path, how would you keep flowing?
I would push more water its way with strong force
I would carve myself an alternate path around the boulder
I would let the water be still until it reaches the boulders level and then continue to flow
How your life flows: Illustration of elements
Which element do you connect most intensely to?
How your life flows: a wave
Choose the word that best matches the term “flow”:
How your life flows: an illustration of people's photographs
How would your friends describe you?
a dog holding a rose in its mouth
Choose the animal you most identify with:
How your life flows: a woman looking thoughtfully
Do you define yourself as an introvert or extrovert?
How your life flows: rooster
Why do you think the rooster crossed the road?
To find new sights and things waiting for it on the other side
Because it saw there was more food on the other side
There isn’t a special reason, roosters don’t think much about what they do.
I have no idea...
How your life flows: an illustration of a symbol that describes dangerous material
flickr/Tony Webster
If a plague broke out and you were put in solitary confinement for a long period of time with a few more infected people, what would you do?
Try to escape
Ask the doctors if there is any way I can help
Wait until scientists find a cure
How your life flows: an illustration of the seasons
Which season is your favorite?
How your life flows: a beach
How your life flows: a lake surrounded by snow
How your life flows: yellow leaves falling
How your life flows: flowers
Your life is a stormy and raging waterfall
How your life flows: a man standing in front of a waterfall with his hands in the air
You have a lot of flow in life, maybe even a little too much. On the one hand, you know how to identify opportunities that arise in your life and take advantage of them, and you’re also a very social and genuine person to the point that other people see you as an open book, even if they’re strangers. On the other hand, you may be struggling sometimes to try to make sensible choices because you are very afraid of making wrong decisions. Our advice is to keep the flow you have, but at the same time try to gain more control of it.
Your life is a flowing stream
How your life flows: flowing river
Your life flows well, just like a stream in a gorge. Sometimes a boulder or a similar obstacle can change the direction of the flow, but for you, these "obstacles" are signs and events whose role is not to bring you down but to lead you to the right paths in your life. You are open to new experiences and new people, and you are often not concerned about the future or the past, rather you live in the present and are very satisfied with that. Preserve this flow of your life!
Your life is a still lake
How your life flows: Lake
You may lack a little flow of life. Do you feel that you’ve been standing still lately? Could it be that some "boulders" have blocked your flow? If so, it’s recommended that you make a change and act so that your life can flow and not be at a standstill. It can be difficult, but only if you get rid of what’s blocking your flow can you start moving forward again on the right path.
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