Which Mythological Lover Would You Be?

What kind of love do you have gushing inside? What kind of lover would you be if you were in one of the most famous love stories of history and mythology? Take our quiz to find out...
Which of these do you consider most romantic?
Renting a cabin with a hot tub in the woods
Candlelight dinner with a cello player playing for you
A walk at night barefoot on the beach
Taking a rowboat on a beautiful lake
Do you believe there's such a thing as Soulmates?
Yes, but I haven't found mine yet.
Yes and I've found mine
No, it's an invention for naive people
No, but it doesn't really matter. Love is love.
בחן את עצמך: אישה שותה משקה לצד חלון
What sound do you prefer hearing outside your window?
Birds singing
The dripping of gentle rain
The sounds of a thunderstorm
How would you prefer hanging out with friends?
Double dating
Meeting old friends I haven't seen in a long time
Hanging out with new friends I haven't gotten bored of yet
Focus on one good friend and have fun with just them
Which animal would you raise as a pet?
Something exotic
Which movie would you like to see with your significant other?
A Horror Film
A Romantic Comedy
A Romantic Drama
A Documentary
Choose the house you'd like to live in with your significant other.
Which element fits you best?
Earth - Because I have 2 feet planted firmly on the ground
Water - Because I flow with whatever is happening
Fire - Because I am always passionate
Air - Because my thoughts are always blowing with the wind to far away places
Choose your preferred drink:
Sweet Tea
Strong Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Natural Juice Shake
Do you think marriage is essential for a great love?
Yes - It's a gesture that says it best.
Yes - Everyone should know of our commitment to each other
No - There are many other ways to express love
No - As long as the two of us trust each others
בחן את עצמך: לב עם תווים מוזיקליים במרכזו
Which musical instrument do you find most romantic?
What do you consider the best simple way of showing love?
A good hug and a kiss
A gift or flowers
Sending a romantic message in the middle of the day
Simply saying: "I Love You"
Lancelot or Guinevere: Passionate Lovers
When you love, you LOVE all the way. This means that no obstacles will get in your way, just like betraying King Arthur could not stop the love of these two famous lovers. You have fire in your eyes when you look at the one you love and it's hard for you not to touch them constantly. You like holding hands when walking together or get a kiss whenever you feel romantic. You may be scared to lose (or that you have lost) this passion, but here's a secret - it's always there, you just need to put some fuel on that fire. Do something unexpected or go to somewhere you've never been on vacation. Find stuff to laugh about and you'll see the old flame is still there.
Orpheus or Eurydice: Happy Love
Just like these mythological lovers, your love is bright yellow like the sun. You want everyone to know who you love and how much you love them. You can't look at the subject of your love without smiling. You love pampering them with gifts or fun surprises. You put very little limit on your love, and that is great for when your lover is just like you. It's less great if they don't have the same pure bright intensity, which may cause an imbalance and strain the relationship. So make sure you're doing it for someone with the same approach to love as your own.
Romeo or Juliet: Longing Love
Love is sometimes a sad thing, and no one knows it better than you. You are aware of the feeling of longing, and if you don't feel it for a long time, you even miss it. That is because missing someone or feeling longing is something that makes your love stronger, as it helps you understand how good you have it with a the person you love and how bad you have it without them. Like any relationship, you may get into strong fights, but the time after, when you aren't seeing each other or talking to one another, is the one that makes it clear how right the person is for you.
Odysseus or Penelope: Pure Love
A wise man once said that a man who eats fish does not love the fish, but just loves to eat them. The same is true for love. A love like this - where you love the person and not just being in love, is rare. You give all of yourself to the ones you love, not expecting a quick return on your love but willing to wait with patient for the right time for you to be together. You've learned who has earned your love and who has not, and for the right person you will do anything, sacrifice anything. Your kind of love is the most rare, and you better offer it to someone who really deserves it and will not abuse it.
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