How Did Childhood Shape You?

A child's personality, though slightly exaggerated in childhood, is often a sneak peek into who that child will be when grown up as our main behavior and characteristics remain with us even in adulthood. Sometimes we learn how to moderate them and sometimes they continue as they are. Answer the following 12 questions and find out what kind of child you were in the past and what it means about you today - have you changed or are you still the same person?
A child's hands painting
Try to remember your days in kindergarten - which of the following materials did you like most?
Finger paints
A child reading a book
What was your grade point average?
70 or less
What did you usually love doing during recess?
Playing tag
Playing Soccer
Jump rope or Hopscotch
Walking around the yard picking flowers
present in a box
What is your favorite holiday?
Valentine’s day
Your birthday
A girl with a rabbit
What animal did you want most when you were little?
A boy leaning his head against a window while it’s raining outside
How often would your parents punish you?
Almost never
Almost all the time
Two girls lying head to head on the grass
How many close friends did you have at school?
Just one friend
More than 6
The profile silhouette of a man and woman looking in opposite directions
Did your parents fight a lot or even get divorced in your childhood?
Two children hugging each other
What kind of relationship did you and your siblings have?
We were like cat and a mouse
You could say I raised them myself
We weren’t really close
We were always together cracking jokes
I didn’t have any siblings growing up
A girl blowing on a dandelion
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Football/basketball player
A boy playing Jenga
Which did you like more, playing outdoors or staying indoors?
I loved playing outside
I loved staying home
Children sitting at a table surrounded by a globe and books
Did you like going to school?
I loved school and especially my teacher
I loved school and the friends I had there
I hated school and the children who were there
I hated school and especially my teacher
As a child, you were a teacher's pet
A boy sitting at a table and smiling
Not only did your grades lead the teacher to love you especially, but also your pleasant attitude that always made her feel like she was talking to an adult rather than a child. In the past, it helped you get out of a bit of trouble, with even your parents often easily forgiving you for mistakes you made, and even today those who meet you feel often feel they are talking to a person who could do no wrong. In the workplace, you are probably a highly valued employee and perhaps even hold a managerial position. If you don’t however, your manager probably knows how lucky they are to have a good and loyal employee like you.
As a child, you were a prodigy
A girl playing on a piano
Even at a young age, you discovered a great talent in a certain field, and perhaps not even one but a few. If you nurtured this talent in your childhood, today you are already a master at it, and if not then it's time to start investing in what you love and do well. While it might be true that fewer people will be aware of tour talent today than in your childhood, you should definitely still let the world see what you're worth!
In your childhood you were hyperactive
Children running
You were always used to being called the Energizer Rabbit, and you always preferred to run from place to place instead of walking like everyone else. You probably still have a lot of energy, but the fact that you were able to sit down for 5 minutes and do this test already means you've overcome this obstacle. Regardless of age, your high energy level has people seeing you as a young person always ready for action.
As a child, you were the class clown
Children making faces
In class, you would talk without raising your hand, and not answer questions, but mainly to make witty, amusing remarks that made your other friends laugh, sometimes even the teacher cracked a smile. Such talent to make people smile doesn't just go away, and it's likely that even today you can make anyone bare some teeth in laughter, either with your wit or with your amusing take on life. Keep it up!
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