Are You Fire, Water, Earth, Or Wind?

Long before there was knowledge of the periodic table, the ancient Greeks believed that the world consisted of four basic elements that created all the materials in the world - fire, water, wind, and earth. Each of these four elements is attributed to some unique features. Answer the following questions and discover which element controls your soul and what it means about your personality.
Tree with color stains instead of leaves
Choose your favorite color from the following:
A man standing on a mountain looking at the landscape in front of him
What do you think is more important in life?
Courage and willpower
Wisdom and caution
Patience and practicality
Justice and equality
Illustration of a tree in the recycling symbol
Choose your favorite season:
A frightened man hiding under the table
What scares you more?
Going to a daylong event with a lot of strangers
Being completely isolated for a long time
A man holding up a page with a question mark
Which is more correct about you?
I act before I think and say everything that’s on my mind
I think before I act and keep my opinions to myself
Sun with the Zodiac at its center
What is your astrological sign?
Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer
Gemini, Libra or Aquarius
Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo
Aries, Leo or Sagittarius
A woman sitting outdoors opposite the sunset
To what are you most attentive?
To what is happening in my surroundings and to the people close to me
To what is happening in my soul and my health
A row of cubes
Choose one of the following:
Kjell Andr? / wikipedia
Fropuff / wikipedia
DTR / wikipedia
Cyp / wikipedia
Illustration of a talking man
To what extent do you express your opinion to others?
I speak my mind without regard for the feelings of others
I say what I think, but usually, prefer to avoid arguments and conflict
I keep it to myself, but it makes me feel bad
I keep it to myself, and I’m okay with that.
Two dolls, one next to the other, with one happy one sad
How do you support your friends when they are in a bad mood?
Sympathy - create a deep personal bond with them and shower them with as much love as possible
Empathy - identify with their feelings and try to see things from their point of view
The silhouette of a man disappearing
Select one negative attribute that you have:
A silhouette of a woman raising her hands up in front of a sunset
What do you want to feel in your life?
Wanted and loved
Respected and talented
Unique and creative
People joining fists
How can you benefit a group you are a member of?
I'm a reliable person-I stay far after everyone has left
I’m very level headed - I have a good ability to predict the future
I'm adaptable-I'm always ready for new situations
I love experimenting and reinventing the wheel - I never run out of ideas
An illustration of a sun behind a cloud
What kind of climate would you like your vacation spot to have?
Hot and dry - as in Australia
Hot and humid - as in Thailand
Cold and dry - as in Finland
Cold and humid - as in New York
The foundation of your soul is earth
Two round rocks on top of each other
You are a grounded, very practical, and a highly disciplined person with exceptional focus. You probably prefer to get clear instructions for performing tasks and keep a regular daily routine. You are very organized and maintain order and cleanliness around you, and it is very possible that you're also a little bit of a perfectionist. You're always ready to take on tasks, and although you’ll take care to do them right, you’ll never feel that you did them well enough. While Earthy people generally prefer to be isolated, they are surprisingly loyal to their closest friends, and they prefer deep conversations over ones that are shallow and superficial.
The foundation of your soul is water
A drop falls into the water
You are a person who is connected to their feelings, is intuitive, creative, empathetic and perhaps also a little spiritual. You have an extraordinary ability to connect with other people, and you are very sensitive which sometimes prevent you from truly enjoying life due to being so caught up in the negative. Many water people suffer from addictions if they are not satisfied with their lives, and in general, they tend to maintain their privacy zealously. For all these reasons it is important for water people to learn how to meditate, which will benefit their soul and help them achieve balance so that they will be happier.
The foundation of your soul is air
A man gliding in the sky with a parachute
You are a brilliant, curious, independent, and talkative person who tends to notice things that others ignore. You are also very practical and restless and try as much as possible to feed yourself with knowledge. While air people are capable of developing indefinitely, it is difficult for them to connect emotionally with other people, even when trying to make them understand them and their inner world. So air people need to learn how to use words and their ability to express themselves in order to convey their messages in a way that is clear to others.
The foundation of your soul is fire
A horse from fire
You are an enthusiastic person, spontaneous and full of inspiration and humor. You have the ability to be a great entertainer, and because your emotions tend to affect you drastically, both negatively and positively, you speak and respond more from your heart and less from your head. Along with all this, fire people become insecure over time, whether they act or speak before they think. Your biggest challenge is to learn how to control the fire that’s burning in you and to balance your feelings and reactions to them.
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