Which Exotic Animal Should You Raise?

In this personality test, we're going to check what exotic animal you should raise as a pet. Since some of these animals are not allowed to be pets, this quiz is mostly hypothetical! So don't bother pondering if this is feasible for you to do, and do think more about what it says about what you want. Let's find out: Which exotic animal should you live with?
What kind of dwelling do you reside in?
Normal house with big yard
Small apartment
Large apartment
Big house with small yard
Farm with large surrounding territory
Would you like your pet to be needy or independent?
How much energy would you like your pet to have?
Endless bounds of energy
Moderately energetic
Low energy
Do you mind your pet being big?
Yes, it should be small enough to carry
No, I love big animals
I don't care, it depends on the animal
Which of these is cutest?
Do you like dangerous animals?
Big time, I am drawn to their power
A little bit
No way, I don't want to fear my pet
Maybe, as long as they never threaten me
What would you rather be?
How much time would you like to spend with your exotic pet?
As much time as I wanted
A few hours a day
An hour a day
Do you like being outside?
As much as possible, I'm the outdoorsy type
Yes, more than being in
No, I like to stay home
Yes, but only in my own back yard and surrounding parks
How smart do you want your pet to be?
Super smart
Above average
It doesn't matter to me
Not too smart, so they don't cause me trouble
What kind of regular pet do you enjoy most?
While you can't adopt a lion in real life unless you work at a special shelter, a lion would be just up your alley if it were allowed. You are drawn to big, powerful and dangerous animals, and their bewitching beauty. You love the power, elegance and even cuteness of the biggest cats, and you'd love to raise a young lion or lioness to their full glory. <br><br> As lions are the most social of big cats, they will probably get attached to you, so you will not be afraid for your safety as long as you keep some ground rules. Of course, you'll need a big property for these big animals to roam a bit.
Foxes are actually becoming more and more domesticated these days, although most of them are still feral and should not be adopted as a pet. However, since we're talking hypotheticals, a fox would be wonderful for you. They can give the energizer bunny a run for its money and are an adorable mix of a <br><br>cat and a dog with some fox cunningness and boundless energy. They are immensely loving creatures that will need your love and attention quite a bit of the day, love spending time with you and getting scratched and petted. They would do best in a large house or a large yard, so they can spend some of their energy running around.
You're not interested in the usual fluffy pet. No, you are interested in the more exotic, alien life Earth has to offer. The octopus is an excellent example of such a creature. It's incredibly mysterious, it's intelligent and it is so different from other animals there isn't anything quite like it. <br><br> While it will be aloof, to have an octopus as a pet means witnessing its many talents, such as shifting colors, shoving itself through the smallest of cracks, shooting ink and overcoming logic puzzles many other animals could not. If you're looking for something different, an octopus is just the thing.
Your idea of a wonderful exotic pet is a gentle and social giant. You love the outdoors and a pet that lives mostly outside the house is perfect for you and a great reason to be outside with your pet. A bison is a smart, social animal, who will get used to you and recognize you, while being relaxed and slow moving most of the time, allowing you to spend a relaxing and nice time with them outside. They may be huge, but they are also shaggy and beautiful, and their power is part of their beauty.
The exotic animal you would raise is an owl. The owl is a very smart bird that is a lot like a cat with wings. It is a predator, it likes to hunt and chase things that move. It is a night hunter and does not need your constant attention, but does require daily treatment and attention. They can live in apartments if they don't fly, and you can spend as much time with them as you choose, or take them with you on trips. They are independent creatures, yet social to humans and enjoy a good scratch on the head.
Komodo Dragon
If you like dangerous animals, look no further. This is one of the most dangerous animals you can raise. The Komodo dragon is one of the most deadly animals, venomous and aggressive. It is also an incredible animal that will answer your need for more risk in your life and the ability to watch a true predator. In addition, it is big but not huge so it can be raised in a big yard, but we wouldn't recommend putting it in the house unless it has a strong cage... <br><br> The dragon will need very little from you in terms of attention other than food, drink and a suitable environment. It is fiercely independent, like most lizards, and while it may react to you, it will never be your friend. This is a pet who is more exciting than comforting, and perhaps that's what you truly want.
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