What Animal Do You See Like?

Seeing the world is an incredibly important function for most animals. However, different types of animals, depending on what species they are and what they need to watch for, have very different ways of seeing the world, both physically and mentally. Take our test and perhaps we can deduce what kind of animal YOU see the world like.
What caught your eye first in this image?
The woman's shadow
The red color
The green color
The woman's smile
What pops out at you in this image?
Her eyes
Her teeth
The colors of her face
Her distance from me
What caught your eye first in this image?
The person walking away
The reds and yellows coming from the left
The entire cacophony of colors in the image
The word 'Cafe'
What makes the strongest impression on you in this photo?
People coming towards me
People walking away from me
The strong yellow hues in the photo
The blur of people moving
Which part of this photo gave you the most emotional reaction?
The dog's expression
A sense of worry for the woman
The woman's expression
The hues of brown in this photo
What caught your eye first?
The two adults
The child
The people's clothes
The background
What is the thing that most immediately attracted your eye?
The dominating red color
The shapes of the vases
The number of the vases
The salient blue color
What is the thing that most immediately attracted your eye?
The one open window
All the windows together
The reflection of the clouds
Inside the open window
What did you experience first in this photo?
The blueberries jumping in the air
The pink background and the purple bowl
The feeling of the blueberries coming towards me
The ice cream
The wafer
What detail dominates your attention in this photo?
The grass
The woman lying down
The pattern on the woman's clothes
The foods on the blanket
What color caught your eye first?
The red flowers
The startling blue of the bird's back
The deep brown of the bird's chest
The green underlying everything
You See Like a Falcon
According to your results, you see like a falcon! Falcons have incredible eyesight, which enables them not only to see the smallest details from great distances, but also to get a complete picture in a fraction of a second. <br><br> To see like a falcon, you seem to have a very quick eye for the smallest detail. One quick glance usually tells you what you need, or want, to know. You feel secure in making snap decisions, your quick eye judges and concludes in a blink, and you are very good with small details and performing swift, sure action.
You See Like a Lion
According to your results, you see like a lion! <br><br> Lions are predators that are not interested in the small details of what they see. They are attracted to action and bold colors such as red and yellow. It seems you're a person who is very good at seeing the weaknesses of others. You feel sure of yourself most of the time, someone who is feisty. <br><br>You're attracted to bold action and bold colors. You are probably also a person who, once setting a goal, will have that goal and no one will be able to stop them.
You See Like a Deer
According to your results, you see like a deer!<br><br> To see like a deer, you must be someone who is very aware of the dangers that surround us in the world. You are quick to perceive risk, think twice before venturing into something that can hold a danger for you. <br><br> In addition, you are probably quite social, depending on if you believe other people hold a risk to you or not. People who see like deer may sometimes be lonely, preferring to live away from the danger of other people and their complicated feelings. Or, alternatively, find shelter and comfort in a large group of friends of family.
You See Like a Butterfly
According to your results, you see like a butterfly!<br><br> Butterflies have an incredible visual system, which can see in many more colors than us humans can, and can even see light types we can't even detect! <br><br> To see like a butterfly, your vision must be very color, and even emotion, based. That means that the emotional hues of a situation will jump first to your eyes and mind, before other shapes and meaning come in. You are probably highly artistic, sensitive and, while not necessarily more emotional than other people, perhaps having more varied and refined emotional tones, ones that only those who know you well may identify in you, and only if they also see like a butterfly...
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