Which Famous Statue Are You?

Along with painting, sculpture is considered one of the most common, beloved and ancient branches of art that exist in our world. The really great sculptures, the ones that have gone down in history and remain standing to this day, even if they were assembled countless years ago - have a kind of "soul" of their own, and that is one of the reasons why they are so famous and beloved. So which of the world's greatest and most famous statues is reflected in YOUR soul?
Pick your preferred leisure activity
Spending time as a couple or with friends in a restaurant, pub or club
Organizing a family meal
Conducting fitness training and participating in sports activities
Learning a new topic
Volunteering in an organization that has goals close to my heart
Choose the word that 'speaks' to you most:
Which of the following subjects was your favorite subject in high school?
Literature / Language studies
Physical Education
Bible Study
Science / Math
Would you define yourself as extroverted or introverted?
Choose your ideal living room:
How open are you to new experiences?
Very, I constantly want more and more of them
Not really, I prefer the good and familiar
It's good to learn more about the world, but in the right amount
Only if it's clear to me that they will benefit my self-development
If they don't harm anyone else, I am always in favor
As part of your work you are selected to take part in a team working on a new project. What is likely to be your role in the team?
Leading the team
Showing and explaining the results
Motivating the team members
Responsible for studying the subject and finding solutions
Responsible for strengthening ties within the team
Choose a color:
What is your favorite artistic style among the following?
Renaissance art
Modern art
Prehistoric art
Classical art
Neo-Classical art
If you could choose to pursue any of the following professions, which would you choose?
A Scientist
Teacher / Professor
Spiritual Guide
Which big city is your preferred travel destination?
New York
Your good friend got into trouble and has asked you for help, how will you help them?
We will think together about the issue and try to reach an intelligent solution
I will enlist all my acquaintances and family to help them
I will try to find moral solutions and light the way for them
I will use my persuasion skills to try and help them out
I will accompany them wherever they need in order to solve the problem
The Venus de Milo
The Venus de Milo is an ancient Greek statue that is considered one of the most famous works of art preserved from the days of Ancient Greece. It is believed that this statue depicts the figure of Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology, who became Venus in Roman mythology. Like Venus, you too are a person of romance and aesthetics - a hopeless lover who hates being alone and is constantly looking for someone to share your life with. If you have already found the love of your life and you are in a relationship, you are probably showering your spouse with lots of love, focusing all your attention on them. As the statue's hands have been lost over time, it is possible that your "hands" have also been slightly lost within the marital relationship. At the same time that you are a type who loves without enough and is willing to give everything for the person with you, you should also try to find your place in the relationship and establish yourself in it, so as not to get lost.
The Great Sphinx of Giza
The Great Sphinx of Giza is a huge stone-carved statue depicting a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of a man, and it stands in the pyramid complex in Giza on the west bank of the Nile River in Egypt. It is believed that the enormous head of the Sphinx actually represents the face of the Pharaoh. Like the Sphinx, which is considered one of the largest and oldest sculptures in the world - it seems that you too are a person with a strong affinity for tradition and heritage, and have a great influence on those around you. You are a loyal person who is dedicated to his work, and remains settled and steadfast in your mind even in situations where others panic. There is no doubt that you have stature among your friends and your family. Your status in life is stable and solid and it seems that it will remain so. If so, keep in mind that making changes in life can also be a good thing - do not give it up just in the name of maintaining tradition and an overly fixed attitude.
The "Thinking Man"
"The Thinker" by French sculptor Auguste Rodin, is one of the most famous sculptures of the 20th century. This work was commissioned by the French Museum of Art in Paris to serve as part of a large gate based on Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy," and its construction was completed in 1904. It represents great, big ideas and constantly wondering about the meaning of existence and the world around us. You are intellectually curious and like to get into the depths of things, and it may well be that worldly topics such as philosophy, poetry, history or scientific fields like astronomy or physics keep you busier than the morning news. Try to adopt a slightly lighter approach, it will be able to help you integrate better with other people.
The Statue of Liberty
In 1886, the French government gave the American people one of the most famous gifts ever given - the Statue of Liberty, created by the sculptor Frederic August Bartholdi. The statue, placed on an island near New York City, has become one of the greatest symbols of the United States and represents the character of America and the values ​​on which it is founded, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Like the Statue of Liberty, you seem to face those who know you as a beacon that shines for all those significant life values ​​- and stands for them day and night. We wouldn't be surprised if you volunteer at some association or take part in various activities for issues that are close to your heart, and will never stand aside when you witness injustice. With great tolerance and openness, you have the tools to pursue your own happiness. Of course, you will carry a great conscience, and that is always a source for potential pain. Remember, the sufferings of the world are not your fault.
Statue of David
The statue of David, created by the famous artist Michelangelo, is still considered one of the pinnacles of sculptural art of the Renaissance period. The statue, 5.17 meters tall, is a full-size depiction of the young King David, holding a slingshot slung over his shoulder. The upright standing of the statue and the concentrated face of David convey great dynamism - and so do you, it seems, as a very dynamic person, moving from place to place and in constant action. Your image and reputation, both internal and external, is important to you, and you work tirelessly to preserve it - whether it's through strenuous fitness training and body toning that you adhere to, and whether it's maintaining your relationships with people. Just be attentive and aware enough so that all these positive qualities do not turn into self-admiration. That's a great way of keeping people away.
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