What Animal Do You Think Most Like?

We tend to compare people to certain animals when they have specific qualities. For example, we might say someone is as loyal as a dog, stubborn as a donkey, sly as a fox, or as beautiful as a peacock, but can we compare our animal friends’ thought processes to our own? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, and the test before you will tell you which animal thinks most like you in just 12 short questions. You’ll be amazed at how much the results reflect who you really are and how you see the world...
Weightlifting equipment
What is your favorite type of exercise?
I don’t like exercising
A baby in the field
What is your opinion on children?
They can be quite annoying...
Small children are adorable, the troubles start when they get older
In a word, love!
They are our greatest treasure that must be protected
World map on a pair of hands
Where would you rather be?
In a blooming field
In the open desert
On the banks of a peaceful river
In a shady cave
On the top of a high mountain
What season is your favorite?
Group dynamics
Do you prefer to act alone or as part of a group?
On my own
In a group
What is your favorite movie genre?
Science Fiction
Monopoly board
How would you prefer to spend a day off?
Reading a book and keeping up with the news
Spending the day lounging on my couch
Spending quality time with my whole family
Going out and exploring new places
Some other way
A figure with a thought bubble and a question mark inside of it
Which word best describes you?
Which of the following do you hate most?
Rules and frameworks
Prying people
Silhouette of a figure on a deserted island
What would you take with you to a deserted island
A tent and binoculars
A huge backpack with food
My family
I don’t need anything, I'll manage with what I find there
Tools that don’t match the job
Would you change anything about yourself?
No, I'm perfect
I'd like to be less stressed
I would like to manage my time better
I would like to improve my self-confidence
I would like to be more responsible
And finally, what color draws your eye?
You think like a lion
There are some who would say that you’re kind of lazy, but none of those people would want to be next to you when you’re angry… You have a lot of strength and you’re not afraid to use it when you need to, which is definitely inspirational to those around you. You know what you’re worth and you don’t ever feel the need to prove it to anyone!
You think like a bear
Bears are the fastest animals in nature, however, when they make a decision it’s hard to stop them… Just like the bear, you are decisive, calculated, and are prepared to defend with great valor anyone who’s close to you. You really appreciated your privacy and quiet but for the people you love most, you always have time and a want to help!
You think like an owl
Just like this nocturnal creature, you also have the ability to notice the smallest details and the best solutions to problems that arise. Even though you very much enjoy your alone time, you’re also very curious and have the tendency to see the world in a way that is unique only to you.
You think like a horse
There’s nothing that you like more than freedom, and you prefer not to think too much about things that bother you. Therefore, you choose to act based on your gut instincts in order to not dwell on things for too long. There is something in your strong and quiet personality that draws others to you, but you usually do not want to lead them, rather you like to enjoy their company.
You think like a mongoose
Even though most of your life goes on in relative peace, the second someone threatens you or your family, they’ll quickly learn that there’s a lot of strength behind your harmless looking exterior… Just as a mongoose is able to overcome dangerous and venomous snakes, you also have many hidden abilities and unbelievable bravery, however, it's important you remember to relax and restrain your aggressiveness every once in a while.
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