How Sentimental Are You?

Do you wear a huge heart on your sleeve or do you find everyone overly dramatic? How sentimental are you really? Take this personality test, answer everything honestly, and you may just find out!
What do you remember about your first friend?
Everything: How they look, their name, where they lived, and what they were like
Almost nothing, just a blurry image
We're still in touch, so it's not really a relevant question!
Their name and what they looked like
How have your snacking habits changed over the years?
I used to eat sweets, now I don't
I still enjoy the same things I did as a kid
I feel sick thinking about what I used to eat
If anything, I snack much more now
Do you have any old friends you don't really see eye to eye with?
No, all my friends are very compatible to me
I don't really have any old friends
Yes, we may not see eye to eye, but we've been friends for a long time
Quite a few of them, but it doesn't bother me
Where are all your childhood photos?
Not sure, they're around somewhere
At other family members' homes
They're on my walls of course
I lost them a long time ago
There aren't any, I hated being photographed
How do you celebrate your birthday?
I don't, I hate my birthdays
I usually have a nice dinner party or something nice
I usually have a big party or a big trip to celebrate
I rarely celebrate, and when I do, it's because people expected me to
Choose a painting...
When someone gives you constructive but painful criticism, you...
Push it aside, it doesn't faze me
Obsess over it for hours, days, weeks...
Make sure to correct it, only then will I feel comfortable
Throw it right back at them, only harder
What would you prefer doing?
Listen to an epic piece of music
Watch a heart wrenching drama
Watch my old wedding/graduation video
Watch something exciting and action packed
How often do you feel like crying, but end up holding it in?
All the time
Once or twice a week
Once or twice a month
Once or twice a year
What do you have on your refrigerator?
Photos of family and friends
Photos of fun trips I took
Pretty and/or funny magnets
Important things to remember or phone numbers for services
Does it bother you when you hear of, or think of, other people's misfortunes?
Yes, even more than my own
Yes, it bothers me
Maybe a little, but the world is full of misfortune
Not really, I have too much on my own plate
Do you have any personal "rituals" you use on a daily basis?
Yes, I have a little ritual for almost everything I do
No, who has time for that?
I used to, I don't really do them anymore
A few, nothing special, and if I forget, then I forget
What do you remember most about people from your past?
Things we did together that were fun
Things they said to me about me
How the friendship/relationship ended
The fights we had
Things I said to them
You Are Very Sentimental
You are a very sentimental person. We wish there were more of you around! Why? Because sentimental people CARE. They care about their memories, their childhood, their family and friends. They even care about strangers in trouble. Most things you go through hit you hard and raw.<br><br> You may try to distance yourself or keep your heart in a hardened shell, but sooner or later you will bleed for others and for yourself. The downside, of course, is that you can be TOO emotional, and that goes double for the bad emotions, such as envy, anger and fear. You can be goaded into rage, saddened by events and afraid for your loved ones. We say: embrace it. As long as you can feel - do it, before you lose this precious ability few seem to have these days.
Barely Sentimental
You may understand sentimentality in others, or you may not, but in both cases - you don't feel like a sentimental person, according to your answers. Now, it may be that you've always had little use for extra sentimentality. It doesn't mean you don't have emotions, it's just that you feel other people can be a bit too dramatic with theirs. <br><br>You miss people and things from the past, but you are much more focused on the present and future. You don't spend hours dreaming about what used to be when there is now to consider. You don't hold on to many objects from the past because, once enough time has passed, you realize they are just THINGS, and their time has passed along with everything else. You don't actively fight being sentimental, it just takes a whole lot more to get you teary eyed than it would most people.
Sentimental But Within Reason
When it comes to sentimentality, your answers indicate you are, on average, not overly sentimental, yet not dvoid of it either. You stand at a comfortable place in the middle, and are more affected by chains of events then by your inner tendencies.<br><br> What do we mean by chains of events? To create sentimentality, things need to remind us of other people or things that happened long ago. Alternatively, something needs to happen to make us emotional. These things may happen all the time, or very rarely, depending on elements in your environment.<br><br> If you live close to where you were a child, they may happen all the time. If, for example, you live abroad, there may be very little. If you were overly sentimental, that wouldn't matter, you would find a myriad of little things to make you emotional. So, a smell, a face or a thought can make you sentimental, but all within a logical range.
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