What Kind of First Impression Do You Make?

There are many situations in life that are welcomed by some, however, others consider them a curse. Meeting new people for the first time is one of those situations when there are those who thrive and flourish in an environment with people they don’t know seeing it as an opportunity to make new friends, while a shyer person would prefer to keep to themselves, stick to their close friends and not rush to make new connections. These tendencies affect the way others perceive us, especially our first time meeting them. So if you don’t know what kind of first impression you make, take this quiz and find out.
Do you usually introduce yourself first when you meet new people?
Yes! I like to meet new people
Sometimes, depending on how many people there are
No, I usually wait for them to introduce themselves first
A woman sitting on the ground with her head down
You're at an event with friends and suddenly notice that someone you don’t know is sitting alone on the side looking a bit upset. What do you do?
I'll approach her with all my friends and help her feel better
I'll approach her alone and ask her if everything's all right
I’ll feel bad for her, but I don’t know her and there’s no reason for me to approach her
Illustration of a man carrying a heavy suitcase
Someone you do not know approaches you on the street and asks you to help them carry a heavy item for a short distance. What do you do?
I'll be happy to help them, and even offer to help carry the item all the way
I’ll agree to help them because I do not want to be seen as rude or selfish
I’ll quickly explain that I’m in a rush and that I can’t help
A woman and a man sitting in a cafe
You’re engaged in a heated and noisy discussion between you and your friend and they refuse to agree with you. How do you react?
I'll try to get them to agree with me at all costs, and if they don’t I’ll get mad
I’ll try to understand their point of view and if I can’t, we’ll agree to disagree
I'll think I might be wrong, and regret turning the conversation sour
A man in a suit pointing toward the camera
Your boss asks you to train a new co-worker, how do you respond?
"Sure, I'll start training them now!"
"Well, okay ... when do we start?"
"I don’t really feel comfortable training someone."
Women dressed in elegant clothes drinking champagne
How long do you think these women have known each other?
Many years
Several months
They’ve only just met
People sitting around the table in a restaurant
You have lunch plans with a co-worker and suddenly you find out they’ve invited other people – how do you feel?
Awesome! The more the merrier!
It doesn’t matter much to me, as long as they're nice people
I was hoping to eat with them alone-I'll be a little upset
People's hands with pens and papers
Which environment do you prefer to work in?
In a large place with hundreds of people
In a small place with ten people
Ties in multiple patterns and colors
How do you dress when going somewhere new?
I wear an outfit that won’t be forgotten
I wear the beautiful clothes that I usually wear for special occasions
I dress like always - it's not such a special occasion
People eating around the table
You were invited to a holiday dinner with your partner’s family members you've yet to meet – how do you behave?
I’ll sit at the center of the table and offer to serve and clear
I'll sit where they tell me to and if they ask, I’ll help serve and clear
I'll sit at the end of the table and hope to sneak out early
A woman crying with a hand stretched out in front of her
What do you think motivates most people to help others?
They hope to be rewarded
They want to feel good about themselves
It is hard for them to see injustice in the world
Two friends form a heart shape with their hands
Think of your closest friends - how long have you known each other?
From a very young age - we grew up together
Since college
A few years – we’ve only recently met
You create the impression of a popular and energetic person
shadow of woman dancing
The moment you enter the room, everyone feels your presence, and it stands out because of the joy you spread around you, with your wide smile, funny jokes, and wonderful humor. You are a very energetic person who likes to have fun and you have a lot of positivity to spread around. You're a big talker, and we have a tip for you: let other people lead the conversation sometimes, or if you're talking to someone who looks a little shy, ask them questions to help them open up and feel more comfortable around you.
You create the impression of a nice and social person
two girls hugging
People like to talk to you because it's just a pleasant and relaxing experience. You are nice to all and want everyone around you to smile. When you meet a new person, you probably shake their hand or even give them a hug. As long as you keep in touch with your friends you can meet many new people through them, and who knows, maybe one of them will mean much more to you than you ever expected.
You create the impression of a quiet and shy person
woman smelling bouqet of flowers
When people meet you for the first time, they don’t always know what to make of you. Usually, you are perceived as a shy and closed person, which is okay, because it means that you are also conveying mystery which makes people want to get to know you better. You stay calm at large social events but feel more comfortable with a small group of people. If you're afraid to connect with new people, just stick with one of your closest friends and let them help you unwind and relax.
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