What Makes Other People Envy You?

We all have skills and traits other people would love to have. No one is perfect and no one has the full gamut of skills and abilities that others have. So each of us, without even knowing, is probably the subject of envy. By taking this quiz, you will give us the chance to tell you what is the one thing people envy you for the most!
man sits in front of computer
Which of these professions would you rather be practicing?
Pastry Chef
Busy interchange from above
You and your friends are lost during a hike and you have no internet signal. What do you do?
Divide my friends into duos and send each in another direction to look for the right way
Try to keep morale high, sure that eventually we'll figure it out
I'll look for other people in the area and seek help
I will try to retrace our steps and find the route I remember
Woman giving a presentation
You need to present an important slideshow in a meeting. How will you prepare?
I'll ask my assistant to make it according to a list I give them, and practice my speech
I'll make a simple 'skeleton' of the topics and talking points
I'll create an impressive presentation and prepare my words in advance or improvise, I'm not worried.
I'll learn the topic from all sides and prepare an interesting presentation that will summarize the most important points
Choose the word that is most important to you personally
two women sitting in front of a laptop
Who do you think the women in the photo are and what are they doing?
Manager and assistant, going over a good report
Friends that just made up after a fight showing each other photos
Just two good friends watching a video together
Two students writing a paper together
What do you enjoy the most on television?
News or any other current affairs program
A beloved fiction series I've been watching
Whatever people say is good
A documentary of some kind
man sitting and gesturing with hand
Your manager calls you to their office to give you a talking to, what do you do?
Take responsibility for my mistakes
Think of what they said and try not to take it personally
Try to soften them up and in the end cause us both to smile
Agree with them and find out how never to make that mistake again.
Beach with palm trees and little stones
What will you take to a deserted island with you?
butcher knife
pillow and blanket on floor
Pillow and blanket
notebook and pen
Notebook and pen
open book
A book on survival
Friends toasting a glass of wine at a table
You'd like to see your friends tonight, how will you act?
I'll send them a message with a time and place and wait for confirmation. I'll be quite upset if they don't come.
I'll contact them and if they don't answer or can't meet we'll reschedule, no big deal
I'll open a group chat with all the friends and together we'll set something spontaneous
I'll do a little research to find the best places, suggest them and let my friends pick
Woman with earphones from the back
What kind of music do your prefer listening to?
Doesn't matter, as long as there's a beat
Hip Hop
Car on a road near a beach
What is your favorite part of going on vacation
To walk in front of course
See as many places as possible and take photos of them
Speak with locals and listen to local music
Organize the trip and reading information about the places we're going to
The air conditioner at the office is freezing and is stuck like that. You have no warm clothes, what do you do?
I will rouse the employees to protest
I'll bring a coat from home the next day
I will go to the manager's office and explain the situation
I will check the air conditioner and try to find a way to bypass the problem, there must be a way
Work desk
If we look at your work desk, what is the first thing we will see?
My diplomas
Probably just my computer
Photos of friends and family
Books, manuals and any papers connected with work
man in a suit
Few are born to lead, but you undoubtedly have this important trait. All your life you have taken the front line, and so we won't be surprised if you are a manager of others in some way, or have an important job. You always seem to know what actions to take, and your confidence and take charge attitude cause people to follow you. People envy your self confidence and easy leadership you can assume.
Optimistic Perseverance
man walking on the beach
We all suffer crises in our lives, whether at work or in our personal lives. But sometimes the real challenge is not just facing those hard moments, but those that come after. While many of us have a hard time forgiving others or returning to a normal routine, drowning in bitterness and anger, you have the incredible ability to get back up and keep going. One of the reasons for that is that you're not a petty person, you know what's important and what isn't, you're able to look deep within yourself, learn something from the experience and move on. This is an ability many of us envy, and many others find inspiring!
Self Expression
man writing with a pen on paper
Do you know those people who can always speak really well and writing comes easy to them? Sure you do, you're one of them! We wouldn't be surprised if you are a writer or editor or artist in some way. You know how to express yourself in a way that fits whoever is listening, and so easily capture their attention. You are social and have the uncanny ability to be creative at a moment's notice. Many envy such impressive ease with words, they would love to be able to speak fluently and write creatively like you.
Self Learning
pile of thick books on a table
The good thing about having kindergarten and then school for years on end is that we learn a lot. On the other hand, we get used to being taught, and forget the ability to learn by ourselves. That's not a problem you possess. You have that independent mind that allows you to absorb new information quickly, understand and implement it. You can take up anything and focus on it to eventually learn to use it. In this day and age, where everyone needs to learn new technology all the time - that's is a very enviable trait.
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