What English Proverb Should Be Your Motto?

Common proverbs are lines we say in order to summarize a bigger idea. A simple line like "Make love not war" contains, in 4 simple words, an entire ideology. Just like proverbs, so do people show only a bit of themselves that hints at the complex person inside. The quiz before you will offer you various scenarios, in each you'll have to make a choice. Your choices, when you finish the quiz, will indicate what English proverb matches your life outlook the best.
You discover that your business partner is stealing money from the company. What do you do?
Confront them immediately
Talk to them and try to forgive them
Call the police on them
Wait until they incriminate themselves
Sell my shares and leave the company
Your daughter is failing her math classes. You discover she hasn't been going to them at all. What do you do?
Talk to her and try to see where the problem is
Punish her severely, this is no joke
Hire a private tutor so she has to make up the material
Confront her teachers about why they let her down
You are a combat soldier. Your best friend was just shot by an enemy soldier. Just as you're about to return fire, you're ordered to retreat immediately. What do you do?
Ignore the order for a few seconds and take the shot
I retreat, an order is an order
I fake a problem in communications long enough for me to kill the enemy soldier
I retreat, but later ask for permission to go back to find that soldier
You find an old lamp. When you rub it, a genie appears that grants you one wish. What will it be?
Everlasting World Peace
Death to all the evil people on the planet
For all diseases to vanish and never return
If you had a super power, which of these would you pick?
The power to heal
The power to live days over and over again
The power to rule the world
The power to invent and build whatever I wanted
You're a trial lawyer and you just got evidence that will get your client off. However, you got the information from illegal sources. What do you do?
Use them regretfully, I have to help my client
I won't use them. I want to win the legal way
I'll report the evidence to the judge, including how I got it
I'll use them without a second thought
I'll only use the evidence during appeal if we lose
You and your friends are going to a fancy hotel. Some of the rooms are big with balconies, while the others are small and without one. Your friends all want the big rooms. What do you do?
When we get there, I make sure I'm first in and can choose a room
I don't care which room I get
Start a discussion on the way so I can convince them I deserve a big room
Ask them to switch rooms each night so we all get a turn in the big rooms
You're a powerful monarch. One day, one of your soldiers is brought before you with the accusation that he has been making fun of you in front of the other soldiers. What do you do?
Have him killed. He who insults me insults the kingdom
Show him mercy in public, but secretly arrange for him to be fired and exiled
I will show him mercy, the people should know their ruler is kind
Punish the soldier, but allow him to continue serving you
Your and your spouse are at a party drinking, when your spouse blurts something very insulting in front of your friends. What do you do?
Laugh it off but later make them pay
I'll be hurt, but forgive them, it's the alcohol talking
I'll insult them right back, much harsher
I'll make a scene that they'll never forget
Your neighbor's dog has lived near you for years. One day, he burrows under the fence, comes into your yard and bites your 8 year old boy. The neighbors are besides themselves and apologize profusely. What do you do?
Sue the neighbor for not taking enough caution with his dog
Physically beat the dog and then the neighbor
Demand the neighbor pay for medical bills and promise to take more caution from now on
Demand the dog be put to sleep
Since they apologized, I'll forgive them, but ask they be more careful
Wait and every day make their life a bit worse for what they did until they leave
After your mother dies, she leaves you an item that your aunt decides to take for herself. What do you do?
Try to convince her it's important to me
Offer to trade something else for this emotional item
Make sure everyone in the family knows she defied your mother's wishes
Sue her for the item
Since she's older, I'll make sure she leaves it to me when she passes
Bide my time and when everyone has forgotten about it, make sure it 'disappears' from her home
You are competing with someone else for a job when you find out they've been sleeping with the boss's wife. What do you do?
Make a plan that makes sure the boss catches them in the act
Let the competitor know if they don't step aside, I'll tell the boss
Do nothing. It's none of my concern
Wait to see if I lose. Only then I'll rat him out
Go to the boss immediately and let him know
Of Two Evils Choose the Least
Your motto is about doing what's right, or at least - doing the least harm possible. You don't like causing other people harm, violence or discourtesy. You're of a "live and let live" mindset, and when possible, your simple motto is to go with the path of least damage to others and yourself. You seek peace and don't like to look back on the past. What's done is done.
Patience Is a Plaster for All Sores
You're a person who knows the value of patience. Patience can be both a shield and a weapon. People may often think you are forgiving or forgetful, but the truth is that when you are angry, you get cold angry and prefer to plan your revenge rather than immediately take action. You have a long memory and the patience to act on it later on. In addition, you like to build things, create new things and work hard for what you want, and your patience is the best tool to achieve these long-term goals.
Doing is Better Than Saying
You despise empty words and always prefer the practical question: "What do we do now?". Talking is all well and good, but you've built your life on being active. That means you don't stay quiet when people slight you, nor do you sit idly when you see injustice happen. You're a person of action, which makes you a really good person to have around in times of crisis or confrontation.
The Best Defense is Offense
You learned a long time ago that in a perfect world, no one would fight with anyone else. Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world and one has to act before they are acted upon. Attacking your enemy or your goal as fast as possible is always your default. You don't wait for things to happen or for bad people to get what's coming to them - you make sure it happens and that your enemies are punished before they ever think of coming at you again.
Turn the Other Cheek
You have seen enough of this world to know that violence, physical or otherwise, always turns on its perpetrator. You don't believe in harming others in any way; in causing people harm in any way, even when you think they deserve it. You truly want to bring no harm into this world, you are quick to forgive and often feel worse when angry than the person you're angry at. That's why you want to live and let live, but also forgive, as much for yourself, as for the other person. You have a kind heart, and we need more people like you in this weary world.
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