What Do Your Eyes Have to Say About You?

Shakespeare once said that eyes are the windows to the soul. The eyes, indeed, are emotional expressions. Humans are highly visual, and our the way our eyes contract, move, focus and ignore some things can say a lot about us. This quiz tries to do that without seeing your eyes. Can it do it? Let us know if we got you!
the eyes of a woman painted
What is the color of your eyes?
closed eye
How long are your lashes?
Very long
Very short
dog with glasses
Do you wear spectacles or contact lenses?
Yes, glasses
Yes, contacts
Yes, both.
No, neither.
2 open windows
What glasses do you have / want out of these?
glasses frame
Jae Lee
glasses frame
Stephan Ohlsen
glasses frame
glasses frame
Maia C
eye in different colors
How big are your eyes?
Big and round
Almond shaped
woman with green eyes
What draws your eyes the most?
woman with sunglasses on the beach
Choose the sunglasses you want to have:
funny optometrist
How often do you go to the optometrist?
Once a year
Once every 3 years or so
Every six months
eye with vectors
Pablo Fern?ndez
Choose the color contact lens you'd like the most:
contact lens galaxy
contact lens orange
Pablo Fern?ndez
scary contact lens
grey contact lens
surreal man painting graffiti on eye
What image draws your eyes the most?
construction workers working
wall of books with door
street art graffiti
ocean sunset
Your Eyes Say You're a Born Leader
man in suit pointing
You definitnely know how to take both initiative and command when the situation calls for it. You are authoritative when you need to be and you know how to command people. When you talk, people tend to listen, and when you have an idea, people take it seriously. You have a very strong personality!
Your Eyes Say You're Rare and Imaginative
man with sunglasses
You are the unique one in the bunch. You are easily bored, but that is what causes you to break mental hangups and find novel and unique ways to solve problems. People love seeing this part of you, seeing magic whenever you use your remarkable brain to create an exotic solution or joke or even just a thought.
Your Eyes Say You're Wise and Bright
Albert Einstein
You are undoubetdly intelligent. But you have, in addition, a type of intelligence called 'crystallized intelligence', which means you have a rich experience and knowledge to support you, enabling you to come to solutions and thoughts people of lesser experience have. This is also called 'wisdom'. You are wise, and that's why people come to you for advice. The kind of advice only someone with rich experience and knowledge can give.
Your Eyes Say You're a Hopeless Romantic
couple hugging on the beach at sunset
You live in a romantic world, and you'd like your life to look like a romantic movie. And it does, at least for you. You tend to stare into space and dream and fantasize, because your spirit is a free one, and your soul yearns for color. This is why others are attracted to your natural spirit. Don't lose that shine!
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