What is the Best Way For You to Relax?

We live in an anxious and anxiety-producing world. We are often pulled in 10 different directions, with a long list of tasks to complete almost every day, and that's before we start taking care of our families and spouses! We all need way to get away - a method of relaxing that keeps us sane and happy to get out of bed in the morning. Most of us have different ways of relaxing. What's yours? Maybe we can guess, and if you haven't used it before, maybe the answer will help you find out what may relax you.
gold fish in water
Which of these wishes would you ask for if you could?
Eat whatever I want without gaining weight
Never feel lonely again
Earning money by doing the things I love
Always find a reason to smile
colon in frame
What proverb speaks to you the most?
"Eat and drink for tomorrow we die."
"Better two than one."
"Live and let live."
"Good food and good wine make one happy."
hand holds cookie
Which of these desserts attracts you the most?
birthday cake
berries in a basket
dessert bowl with strawberries
woman walking on the ground
Do you like to travel and hike outside the house?
Yes, I like to go out as much as possible.
I prefer to go to friends or have them come over
I prefer going to a restaurant or mall
Which of these movies do you like the most?
Die Hard
Good Will Hunting
Forest Gump
None or I haven't seen these movies
woman looking through the window
Which of these actions do you need but have a hard time doing?
Focus on myself more
Spend more time at home
Cancel the credit card and save money
Making new friends
gift wrapped Boxes
Which of these gifts would you prefer to receive?
Music album or book
Gift card for fashion shops
A fun boardgame
Tickets to a concert
hearts in different colors
Which of these photos do you feel drawn to the most?
colorful spoons
pile of silverware
cup with wooden spoon
woman leans on suitcase
What is your idea of a dream vacation?
Staying at an Indian spiritual convent
Walking in the streets of Paris
Taking the whole family to Europe
Dancing at the Rio de Janeiro carnival
Which of these qualities describes you best?
Enjoys llife
מבחן אישיות: זברה עומדת בשדה פתוח
Choose the answer you think answers this question best: Why do zebras wear pajamas?
They prefer to stay in bed today
They're throwing a pajama party
They got it from their parents as a gift
They can't fit in their Jeans
girl smiling
Which of these activities would you prefer doing?
Get a massage
Have a deep conversation with a close friend
Walking in Nature
מבחן אישיות: מצלמת טלוויזיה
Would you agree to go on a reality tv show?
Only something like "survival"
Only something with cooking
I would go to 'Big Brother'
מבחן אישיות: יד אוחזת בפרח
What kind of therapist/helper would you like in your life?
Life coach
Hydrotropic therapy
The Little Pleasures of Life
You're a person who seeks the immediate pleasure of life, even the shorter ones. You find them in experiences like shopping, spa or a good meal. When you feel bad, anxious or angry, you usually look for that quick pleasure to make you forget about your trouble. This act usually relaxes you, even though you may experience some guilt later. As long as you don't go too far and make it into an addiction (to shopping, to sugar) - then it's a good way to relax. If your friends think you shop too much, explain to them this is your way to find calm.
Your Family and Friends
There's little doubt you a more relaxed and happier when you are around people you care about. You love the feeling of being together, like hosting and being a guest and you are attracted to long deep conversations with the people you like. Your way of clearing those life worries is by sharing them with others, sharing both emotion and experience. You are close to your family and your many friends, and they give you a base to stand on and a wall of loving people to shield you from the outside world. It's a wonderful thing.
Spending Time Outside the House
The song 'Flowers on the Wall' was definitely NOT written about you. You're not one to stay home, but find relaxation and peace only when you are moving and dynamic. You love being outside the house for either sports, travelling, going out, dining etc. These activities give you peace of mind. You also like parties and taking courses, anything that involves going out and meeting people. You're less into deep conversations and more into experiences, this is what makes you feel good, and it's a great thing!
Being By Yourself
You're a person who, at some stage of life, realized that some people are mere distractions, and that you are at your most relaxed and focused when you are alone. Despite being an introvert by choice, many still want to spend time with you, but you insist on keeping some time for yourself to be alone with your thoughts, maybe listening to music, creating or just pondering. People may say you should create more connections, but as long as you know how to handle your time along and use it as a source of relaxation and rest, there's nothing wrong with that. It's just what keeps you calm and sane.
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