How Well Do You Understand Others?

It's not easy figuring out other people. However, some of us have a natural inclination (or just a lot of experience) that allows us to intuitively 'read' others and figure out what's going in their heads. The truth is, the more emotionally intelligent you are about yourself, the more you may understand others. This test is about to check how easy it is for you to read the thoughts of others.
2 cups of coffee and cookies
A couple sits down to have a cup of coffee and some chocolate cookies. One of them eats a lot of cookies at once, while the other takes a bite out of each one to see what is in them. Who is the second person?
The man
The woman
Impossible to tell
אמא ובת מסתכלות אחת על השנייה ומחייכות
One mother treats her little daughter like an adult, while another doesn't expect much of her due to her young age. Which one has the better approach?
The first mother
The second mother
Both are right
Both are wrong
two people talking
Sage Ross
You have made a winning argument. The person you're debating starts to talk faster and move their hands around. They are probably...
Losing their patience
Trying to convince you
Looking for new arguments
Dirty plate
Although Mark is a quiet and obedient boy, he left his plate on the table after lunch and ran to play with his friends. His mother was surprised, what should she do?
Punish him
Clean it for him
Clean it and let him know
Ask him to clean his plate
couple at a restaurant
PortoBay Hotels & Resorts
A couple sits at a restaurant. One of them is asking for the usual and the other is trying something new. Who is the first one?
The man
The woman
human eye
What would you think of a person who never looks their boss in the eyes?
They're lying to him
They're scared of him
They respect him
They're attentive to his every word
אישה מתעסקת בסמארטפון
You have a friend that never calls, but is always asking for help and is always willing to help in turn. They are probably...
Not into small talk
Afraid of being misunderstood
women laughing
Your friend invites you to an evening with some friends. You meet a new person there who immediately starts joking around with you and telling you jokes. They are probably...
A funny person with a lot of confidence
Actually shy
Trying to impress people
When the light changes to green, the car ahead of you starts going at full speed. The driver must be...
Impossible to tell
Friends hugging
Ricardo Moraleida
You happen to meet an old friend. He hugs you quickly and slaps your back. Why?
He doesn't like hugs
He's very happy to see me
He's in a rush
Are You a Psychologist?!?
holding a drawn brain
You have extraordinary emotional intelligence! You got all, or almost all, of our questions right, and they aren't easy. You must have great intuition and perhaps quite a bit of experience with others. I wouldn't want to lie to you!
You See More Than Most
observing woman
You see things other people may ignore. Little signs, little changes in their behavior that most people would just gloss over, but to you they speak, and hint at what's going on in the other person's mind. You're not a psychologist, but you do have a good level of emotional understanding and emotional intuition.
It's Hard for You to Read People
confused woman
People are a riddle wrapped in a mystery. It's hard for you to guess what they are really thinking. Sometimes that's because you're not that interested in people you don't know well, or perhaps your sense of self is so strong that you have a hard time understanding people different than you.
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