What Dominant Trait Should You Pass Along to Others?

We all have at least one wonderful trait that people around us with they had. That is part of what being human is all about - no one is perfect, everyone gets different traits, advantages and disadvantages. What is your best trait to pass along to your children or the other people around you. This quiz will try to guess what that trait is, perhaps we'll even surprise you!
You're standing in front of a rich buffet with many kinds of meals. What will you put on your plate?
I'll want to try a bit of everything.
I'll take a bit of everything and bring it back to my party.
I'll eat just the things I love already not taking too much.
I'll take some new dishes I haven't tried.
Depends how hungry I am. If ravenous I'll fill the plate.
Which of these animals do you identify with the most?
Bird feeding its young
If there was a special university where you could study anything in the world - Which of these would you study?
Home economics
Flower arrangement
Map drawing
Private tutoring
Something else
hand holding smartphone
Which phone apps do you use the most?
Social networks and messaging apps
I hardly use any
GPS and Navigation apps
Apps for finding good deals
News apps
music sheet
Which of these music styles do you like the most?
Ethnic music
Classical Music
French Chanson
potted plant
Your neighbor is leaving for a week and asks you to take care of his plants. How do you do so?
I'll take the plants home so I don't forget
I'll pop over once in a while and take care of them
Give them a lot of water on the first day so they don't need any more
Take turns with my family members taking care of them.
Smiling woman
Which of these photos is the closest to symbolizing "Happiness"?
Popcorn bowl
Which of these is your ideal snack?
A salty snack followed by a sweet snack
Anything chocolate
Warm and soft marshmallow
Healthy snacks I make at home
pencil and sharpener on a notebook
Which of these sentences speaks to you the most?
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
Only I can change my life. No one else can do so for me.
Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive.
Death is not the worst thing. The worst thing is losing ourselves while still alive.
passenger plane taking off
What does your ideal international vacation look like?
Resting on hammok between palm trees, with the sound of the waves near me
A trip to Europe that includes visiting ancient and historical sites.
An organized tour where I can meet new people and befriend them.
A trip to an exotic place I've never been
What are you favorite moments during a work day?
My coffee breaks when I can rest
The moment I leave work and can do my personal stuff
Lunch breaks with co-workers when we can share things
The moments when I achieve my goals
The moment when I feel the work is flowing
What is the dominant trait of those closest to you?
Conversation skills
Surprising Behavior
The ability to enjoy the small things in life
The desire to enjoy fun but quiet encounters
pavement in the rain
Which of these activities would you prefer to perform on a rainy day?
Sitting in front of the TV with a hot cocoa
Lying under a blanket with a good book
Going to a coffee shop with good friends
Making a hot meal for me and my family
What is your greatest aspiration at this stage of life?
Continue and balance good work and personal life
That everyone around me is whole and healthy
That people around me get real peace and tranquility
To live every day I have left to the fullest
Which of these colors do you prefer?
Baby blue
Dark blue
If you could choose any job and get it, which of these would you choose?
Travel guide
I'd keep my current job
Philosophy professor
Good Logic and Balance
You take a balanced approach as you reach certain events and challenges in life. You know how to react to these situations with your mind and not just your heart. You have the ability to deal with hard situations with the tools you have, and you understand that they are temporary if you just know how to use them. When things are good you know how to celebrate that fact, and that's incredibly important. People around you really appreciate your balanced approach and your logic.
Love for Others
You have a lot of compassion and sympathy to those around you, and sometimes you make sacrifices in order to put others first. One can tell that you really care about the environment, but it's important that you don't let yourself be taken advantage of by others. The love you have for others is apparent, and if you pass it forward, people have only to gain from your generosity of spirit.
You've gone through a lot in your life, and it has taught you to separate between what's important and what's trivial. You also know how to reach peace and tranquility, because you know the worst is behind you, and there's no reason to worry. This peace creates a glow around you and you only need a look and a smile to make others feel better and more relaxed as well.
A Lust For Life
It seems like one life isn't enough for you. If you could, you'd go on another adventure at age 100. You have a sense of curiosity, adventure and a natural desire to discover the world, from its smallest places to the largest and most famous. Spontaneity is also part of your character, and you often infect others with your enthusiasm for life, nature and even the simplest things like a nice spring breeze. The people around you are naturally drawn to your enthusiasm and passion for life.
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