What Kind of CEO Would You Make?

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate your job, chances are you've often thought of an imaginary scenario where you’re at the head of the company taking charge of it all, or in other words, you've probably thought about what it would be like to be CEO. You've dreamt about the moment you step into an upgraded office, cancel that overtime everyone hates, deal with problems that current higher-ups ignore and determine the future of employees. But have you ever thought about how you would do this and which management style would characterize you? This is not an easy question to answer since it is closely related to many personal characteristics, both overt and covert. So, in order to find out the answer, we invite you to answer the following questions in the quiz before you, at the end of which you’ll find out what kind of CEO you’d make depending on your character, and what it means in relation to your life in general...
Which of the following is more important to you?
Art supplies
Work in a laboratory
There’s no difference
Elegant meeting room
A good CEO is like...
A skipper
A family member
A mentor
A coach
A military commander
A man writing on a blackboard
What is the best way to encourage high output?
Positive reinforcement
Sharing responsibility
The ability to follow orders
What is the best trait for an employee?
Can follow directions
High intelligence
Team-working skills
A different trait
A person delivering a lecture in a workplace
You are part of a team that needs to prepare a comprehensive presentation on your work in the past year - how do you manage it?
I’ll let each member of the team work on the material related to their job, it’s what they do after all!
I’ll help each of them work on their part so that the entire presentation is perfect.
I’ll work on the part related to my work, and then I will turn to my team members and help if necessary.
I’ll control what all team members are doing to make sure the presentation is perfect.
I’ll remind everyone how important it is to put as much effort as possible into this presentation and what the consequences of poor performance may be.
A woman lying on a pile of fallen leaves
What is your opinion on work?
I work to live
I live to work
In your opinion, the best part of being CEO is...
Freedom of action
Social status
Ability to influence
Ability to manage others
Receiving authority
Coffee lying on a desk full of documents
And what's the worst part of being CEO?
The responsibility
Being separated from the rest of the employees
The amount of work
Dealing with bad employees
Motivating others
Handshake against the background of banknotes
The best way to get a promotion at work is...
Connect with people on a personal level
Do the job best
Find my weaknesses and improve them
To give 110% of myself in every possible framework
Not to take unnecessary risks
Have you previously lied or hid information from others about your work?
Sometimes, but only when it comes to trivial matters
Yes, however, I always correct the situation afterward
I always tried not to
No, it was always important for me to present only the truth
If it promotes me and my goals, sometimes I lie
Which of the following best depicts your work environment?
You get a surprise week off, how do you best take advantage of this time?
Go on vacation abroad
Spend as much time with good friends and family as possible
Just rest, that’s what time off is for
Take care of various tasks and errands at home and in my personal life
Participate in a course or workshop related to areas of interest to me
An uninvolved CEO
A calm manager
Your answers throughout the test indicate that you have the character of a very relaxed person who can become the most beloved CEO in the world, or alternatively, a burden on the company that drives your employees crazy, because you have a clear preference for a management style that takes a step back from real involvement focusing mostly on things relating to general management as opposed to the nitty-gritty details. You may not have the desire to be a strict manager who interferes with every little detail, and this is welcome, but it is possible that the people who depend on you won't receive the feedback they want or need. you may feel that you've earned this separation when getting promoted, and while you definitely deserve to take it easy, life isn’t that simple. The people around you, at work, at home as well as your friends, want your help and enjoy your experience and way of thinking, so for your own good and for your own sake, try being more involved in things that are important to you.
A friendly CEO
friendly Manager
According to the answers you selected in this test, you seem to have amazing interpersonal skills, and it is very hard not to get excited about you and your sweeping charisma. As a result, the management style that best fits your personality is the friendly CEO - a leader with a very strong positive impact on his/her workplace, and we are confident that even if we look at your behavior in other frameworks, we’ll see something very similar. However, you have a very difficult time dealing with dramatic situations, and very negative people are simply something you don’t understand and therefore find difficult to take care of. Our advice to you would be to stay away from such things in your work and personal life and continue to focus on all that is positive, and the day you get that promotion might come sooner than you think…
A balanced CEO
Serious manager
According to your answers, you seem to be a very balanced person, and if you suddenly step into the CEO's chair, you’ll try to do everything in your power to create a comfortable working environment for everyone. This might seem like a negligible fact but people like you – that don’t let power get to their heads - are quite rare, and you probably always knew how to manage stressful situations in a calm and reasonable way. When you have a goal-oriented and skilled team surrounding you, there is no greater asset than you to your workplace, group of friends, or even your family circle. Remember that there will be people who will try to take advantage of you, and it does not matter if one day you really will be CEO or not - negative influences need to be removed from your life and environment.
A detail-oriented CEO
A desk with lots of documents
Your answers indicate that you are a person who always tries to pay attention to every little detail and analyze its meaning and importance. In fact, we’d be shocked if you hadn’t already guessed what your results would be…during our test, your answers show that you have a set of skills that can make you a very talented CEO, but also one that focuses exclusively on the details and forgets the bigger picture and the human factor involved in almost every aspect of life. Keep in mind that most people like to have a degree of freedom of action and choice, and this is true in all walks of life, including relationships and parenting. to help you cope with this tendency in your work and personal life, we just recommend you trust the people around you more. You might be disappointed from time to time, but that’s just the way the world works and it's better to accept this then try to fight it.
A goal-driven CEO
Work in front of a computer screen
In your opinion, most people who receive great responsibility and power don’t know how to best utilize it, but you plan to act differently ... When someone gives you the authority and resources to lead your company, you’ll turn it into a well-oiled machine very quickly. There’s no doubt that this will contribute a lot to your success and that of the company, but along the way, you’ll have to make quite a few difficult decisions and hurt some people who don’t work exactly the way you need them too. It's a shame that this is the case because there’s no reason to act in a forceful and aggressive manner when there are other options out there. We encourage you to keep this in mind in all aspects of your life because if you do, you’ll find that you can get amazing results without leaving behind people you care about and stomping all over their feelings. Once you learn how to do this you will be a winning leader, who can certainly be the CEO of any company in the world!
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