What Kindness Do You Carry in Your Heart?

Each of us has a certain kind of kindness, through which we take care of our friends and loved ones, and provide them with support in their moments of need. However, the kindness that exists in each person comes from different places and is expressed differently. Today, you’ll discover the source of your kindness and how it is expressed, even in moments when you yourself may not be aware of it...
A man pulling out his pockets
Someone you know is going through a difficult time and doesn’t have the money he needs. What do you do?
Help him budget
Lend him the money he needs
Buy him groceries to help him get along
Try to find out what's going on in his life to help him stand on his own two feet
Go to his house and help distract him from his troubles
Make sure to free up my time to help him if he needs a ride or anything else
An angry man pointing an accusatory finger at the camera
You see a person being verbally assaulted on a bus by another person. How do you react?
Try to talk to the aggressive person and try to calm him down
Stand up for the person being attacked
Pretend that I know the person being attacked and start talking to him, hoping that the attacker will go away
After listening and understanding the situation, ask the aggressor to stop
Take the person who is being attacked, get off with him at the nearest stop and help him get home
Make other people talk about the aggressor to get him to stop
A man in a hospital bed
Someone you know is hospitalized. How do you help him speed up his recovery?
Take care of his errands and check the mail for him
Visit him and bring things that will help him pass the time, like magazines
Take care of his children and other family members who need him
Make sure to visit him often and call at least once a day to see how he’s doing
Visit him in the hospital every day and make sure he isn’t lonely
Help him take care of himself when he gets home
A woman pouring a glass of champagne
How do you contribute to dinners or parties you've been invited to?
Help plan the menu
Bring enough food for an army
Make sure the event goes smoothly and without difficulties
I'll make a playlist for everyone to listen to
Buy small gifts for everyone
Ask if anyone needs a ride
a man and child's hands meeting
What do you like most about helping others?
Bringing out the best in others
Understanding how to make others happy
Learning how to make others’ lives easier
Knowing how to help just by listening to their problems
Hugging them when they feel bad
Knowing I'll always be there for them, no matter what
Computerized illustration of children standing in the sea facing the sunset
What do you think there should be more of in our world?
The hands of a man busy with a bunch of keys
Your friend is locked out of the house with no money on him. How do you help him?
If he is stressed, I will make sure he knows how to deal with the problem and that a locksmith can be paid to open the door
Call a locksmith and pay him myself
Break the lock for him
Talk to him on the phone while he's waiting for someone to come with a key
Invite him to my house until he can get back into his house
Meet up with him and invite him to a cafe while he waits for a locksmith
Do you feel that you have to sacrifice yourself in order to help others?
A crying boy
You see a little boy in the street who is lost and can’t find his parents. What do you do?
Bring him to a policeman who can help him find his parents
Ask him what his parents’ names are and shout them until they’re found
Help him look for his parents until they’re found
Ask him as many questions as possible so that I can understand how to find his parents
Buy him ice cream and wait with him until his parents arrive
Stay with him and try to calm him down until his parents come and get him
The silhouette of a man standing in front of the sea early in the morning
When you're upset, what can reassure you and make you feel better?
If someone helps me understand how to get out of my situation
If someone just helps me, no matter in what way
If someone solves my problems for me
If someone listens to me and understands me
If someone hugs me
If someone stays by my side, even without speaking
Nurturing Kindness
Hands holding dirt with a plant sprout
Michael Heiss
You have a nurturing kindness, meaning you always see the good in others and as soon as you understand their strengths, you know how to help them grow, develop and thrive, and thus become better people. It means that every person you meet becomes better because of you, and therefore the world becomes a little better every time you help someone else.
Selfless kindness
A woman standing next to a woman sitting on a chair at the beach
There are people who are kind to others just so that they can feel good about themselves, but your kindness comes from a real place of desire to help people. You're willing to do anything for your friends, and that includes helping them move or even just lending them a coat when they are cold. Your friends are lucky that you are part of their lives.
Helpful Kindness
The silhouettes of a man helping his friend climb a mountain
Teamwork is your specialty, and by helping others you know you're helping make your life better. You have many talents that most of your friends don’t, and your friends have abilities that you don’t have - you have a wonderful relationship of mutual help that compensates for one another’s weaknesses.
Attentive Kindness
A woman sitting opposite a man in a cafe
Your ear is always available to your friends, because your kindness is listening, and you're pretty good at it. Your friends feel comfortable sharing their concerns and pressures, and your ability to understand them and offer them solutions to their problems is very important to them. You also never forget the things they tell you, and although you may think this is not such an impressive trait, it is important that you know that most people aren’t great listeners.
Embracing Kindness
A man and woman hugging in front of the sunset
Your kindness is expressed with affection. You will always provide a shoulder to cry on or open arms to help your friends and people close to your heart, which makes you a special person because not everyone can bear the pain of others like you can. Never change, because affectionate people are rare!
Loyal Kindness
A man petting a dog
Not only are you a kind person, but you are also loyal and will always be there for your friends when they are in need. Whether it's a family member's medical emergency, a friend's need to find an apartment or anything else, they can count on you for help with any problem. You stand your ground in every situation, and it is very rare to find a person like you in an age of distractions and pressures. Continue what you do, because you are a wonderful person and you deserve to know it!
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