Nature or Culture: Which Are You More?

Where does your soul really belong? Are you a person rooted in our human world or does your spirit seek more nature than other humans? Perhaps you're a bit of both. Take our quiz and find out for sure!
When you were a little kid, what did you like to do?
Play games with kids my age
Play games with myself
Walk around and find interesting insects and plants
Get lost in daydreams and adventure stories
What kind of traveling do you like the most?
Hiking in exotic places and sleeping under the skies
Staying at fancy hotels at city centers
Going to a special place for tourists in a group
I hate traveling
How do you feel about having a pet?
I cannot see myself living without at least one pet
I don't mind them, as long as they can live in a nice apartment without ruining it
Pets are nice, but only dogs and cats and parrots, the rest are scary and unhygenic.
I like unusual pets like snakes, spiders, exotic birds and alike.
Pick a painting:
How important is fashion to you?
Extremely important
Quite important
Not important, I wear whatever is comfortable
I don't like going out or dressing up at all
How do you feel about eating meat?
I'm a vegetarian
I'm a vegan
I love eating meat
I eat meat but I still feel bad about it
How much do you think about environmental issues?
I read about it all the time, and it physically hurts me to hear about it
I read about it here and there, it bothers me but I forget about it half an hour later
Not much. It doesn't bother me, someone will fix it eventually
I don't think about it at all
If you had to choose, which of these animals would you be?
What do you drink the most?
Which of these foods do you prefer?
Baked Potato
A juicy hamburger
A medium-rare fillet steak
Anything with sugar
How chaste are you?
Very, I'd feel horrible if someone saw me naked (except my partner)
Barely. I walk around naked at home and if someone sees me, that's their problem
No more than usual. Sometimes I let myself be naked but I don't let strangers see
I don't even like being naked when I'm alone
Introverts shy from people, extroverts thrive on people - Where do you find YOURSELF?
Very extrovert - I love people, and I'm at my best surrounded by as many people as possible
Very introvert - I don't like people and I hate crowds, and I like to stay home and just have a few close friends
Somewhere in the middle - I enjoy people but need some time alone every day
Somewhere in the middle - I enjoy being alone most of the time but I miss social engagements once or twice a week
The Natural World
Your blood isn't red... it's green! Your soul is made of roots, branches and beautiful flowers. You crave the touch of nature with every fiber of your being. The green of nature is the most beautiful thing to you, flowers, grass, trees, animals, sunshine and water - these are the things that make your world on the inside. A stay in nature is just what you need to recharge. You don't hate the human world but you're just not attracted to it, while everything nature does fills you with endless joy.
The Human World
While you have a deep respect for nature, what you really yearn for are culture, art, a good coffee in the morning and a good dinner at night. You crave performances by talented people, beautiful food and urban sensibilities. You were born to be a human among humans, and that is where you thrive the most. You're a cultured individual who likes the beautiful things in life, and these usually come to you from human art. People like you built the human world, made art and made the dreams of humanity come true.
A Bit of Both
You're a little bit country and a little bit Rock'N'Roll - You love nature with your very soul, but you also enjoy much of what the human world has to offer - you wouldn't live alone in nature, but you prefer small towns and cities close to nature, so you can enjoy a bit of both worlds - a coffee in the morning and a hike in the evening! Your soul is totally open to all that comes, be it natural or human, a city or a field - you find beauty in both.
You may think to yourself, "how can one be neither of the natural or the human world?" Well, if you got this result, it probably means you're eccentric. That's not a bad thing at all; it just means you don't belong to either world... but to yourself, your imagination and dreams. People like you live in their heads and dream of fantasy, adventure, and incredible stories. They don't feel like they belong in society because their sensibilities come from inside their heads. On the other hand, they do not feel like belonging to nature either, because your adventures require all kinds of things - but the only thing you truly need is yourself. You've created a private world for yourself, and it doesn't belong anywhere but to itself. You may find that this makes you extra creative and interesting. On the other hand, there is always the risk of eventually cutting yourself off from everything else.
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