What is Your Connection to Nature?

There is a separation in our minds between the natural world and the human world. Some may call it culture, or urban areas, while others may just think of it as a dividing line between what is human and what is not. For others, nature is part of humanity. Their souls yearn for the touch of nature, and cannot abide being away from it for too long. So, what is YOUR connection to nature like? Take our test and let's find out!
Do you like cats and dogs?
Dogs yes, cats no
Yes, I love them both very much
I like them both, but don't have any
I'm not keen on either species
Cats yes, dogs no
If legal and moral, would you ever live with an exotic animal?
Never. I can only trust pets.
It might be nice but no, I wouldn't want that as part of my life
I'd be delighted!
Yes, but only small ones like a bird or a rodent
What would you enjoy more?
A long camping trip in the wilderness
A weekend at a 4 star hotel
Taking a guided tour of an old, beautiful forest
Spending a few days in a modern cabin near a placid lake
What is your favorite season?
When do you feel most connected to nature?
When I go somewhere wild I've never been
Whenever I stop and listen to the wind, inhaling it in
When the weather is stormy or windy, feeling alive and dynamic
Whenever I step away from home
I don't know that I do
Pick a place that immediately makes you feel relaxed
As a child, how did you feel about the outdoors?
A place to have fun with friends and family
A place to wander alone and find interesting things
A place that was less entertaining than the inside
A place I tried to avoid
What kind of dreams do you remember having?
Usually about things that bother or worry me
Dramatic dreams about monsters, creatures and magical things
Weird dreams of flying, climbing or swimming or falling to the ground
Dreams about the people I know
What part of nature would you give up?
Insects and spiders
Viruses and bacteria
Nothing, everything is needed
Just leave me plants, farm animals and pets, that's all I need
How important is it to you that there are plants in your home?
I MUST have a proper garden and my house if full of plants
We have lots of plants and I change them from time to time
We have some plants around
Not really, can't be bothered with them
Does man have a responsibility to animals, in your opinion?
Yes, as a species who knows right from wrong we need to protect them
Yes, we have caused them great harm and owe them so much in recompense
No, we are all just trying to live and life is competitive
No, they were put in our charge by God and we can do as we please with them
When you look at the ocean, what impression do you get?
Something scary and enormous, dangerous
Something immortal, ever-repeating
A feeling of mystery and the unknown
A feeling of home and belonging
A Child of Nature in a Human World
According to your answers, you have a very strong bond with nature. You feel the life of the world weaving its myriad forms around you, joining root to tree, tree to animal, animal to human and human back to the world. <br><br> The tapestry of this biosphere, this organic world, is made of countless voices, belonging to both animals and plants, humans and even non-organic matter. Everything has a part to play in nature, as do you. You feel it when you look out the window, listen to the wind or watch the sea roar. Nature is part of you and you of it, and cannot be separated from each other. You feel bad when you have to be in the city for too long, and you almost physically feel the need to be in an open, natural space.
A Sensitive Child of Humanity
According to your answers, you have a strong connection to nature, even though you live your life as part of the human culture. You often feel as if you are part of a bigger, mysterious tapestry of life. It can happen with a touch of the wind or the stroke of a raindrop, or it can be the tree in your backyard or the sight of the skies blazing in color of gold, pink and purple at dusk. Anything can suddenly give you that feeling of belonging and connection in the world, and it's a nice feeling at that. You feel protective towards animals and nature, and wish you could do more to help it against those who would destroy it.
A Little Nature Goes a Long Way
According to your answers, you love nature, and especially plants, but you prefer to love it from either the comfort of your own home doing gardening and taking care of your yard or potted plants or as a guided tour with a group of people through beautiful places in nature, national parks and anywhere that has a gorgeous view. You love these but wouldn't go backpacking alone to experience them. You love animals and may have a pet, but you wouldn't go near animals you don't know or can trust. You want to help nature and the animals but you don't feel like you can, and you have other issues on your mind.
Not Much Connection
According to your answers, you really don't feel much connection to the natural world. It may have happened a few times in your life, as a child or as a specific incident, but most of the time you feel like you could do without the wild outdoors. You wake up in the human world, you spend your whole day in the human world and you go to sleep in the human world. All you need from nature is a few animals, gardens and parks. You wouldn't wish to harm nature, but you don't feel as if it makes much difference in your life whether there are still areas of wild nature or not.
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