Which Shakespeare Quote Represents Your Year Ahead?

No matter which of Shakespeare's works you love the most, you're always bound to come across a line or two that perfectly applies to your life. Want to know which of Shakespeare's famous quotes perfectly reflects your year to come? Take this quiz and discover the answer for yourself.
Shakespeare quote
How much do you relate personally to this quote?
I should speak more than I know
I speak more than I know
I show more than I have
I have more than I show
Shakespeare quote
What do you recognize in yourself?
I need to know what may be
I know what I will become
I know who I am
I do not know who I am
Shakespeare quote
What do you feel withers you?
Shakespeare quote
Though I am ... I am strong and lusty!
Shakespeare quote
What would you like to let come in the fruition of life?
Shakespeare quote
How many parts do you feel like you have played in life up to this point?
Around 5
Over 10
2 or 3
Shakespeare quote
What makes you choose someone over others?
Physical appearance
Shakespeare quote
What do you think one must do above all?
Be bold
Be caring
Be loyal
Be honest
Shakespeare quote
What do you most doubt in life?
"Life is but a walking shadow"
Shakespeare quote
Your year will be full of magical moments and mysteries. When Shakespeare talks of life being a simple walking shadow, he is talking about the projection of ourselves to the world. Make sure you create the best projection of yourself and share it with others. Don't waste your time hiding in the shadows this year. Instead, step into the light and express everything that you truly feel.
"All glory comes from daring to begin"
Shakespeare quote
This year should be all about taking risks. This confident and motivational Shakespeare quote talks about starting anew and believing in yourself. This should be the year that you really push yourself and start to follow your dreams. Nothing is ever easy, and this year you need to go for it in every single way or else you'll be left wondering what actually could have happened.
"Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be"
Shakespeare quote
This year, you need to search deep within your soul, and find out who you really are. This year should be about finding yourself and owning it. Don't listen to other people's thoughts and feelings. This year will be about personal development and Shakespeare's wise words should run deep. Be true to yourself and then you will find true happiness. You deserve it, after all.
"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves"
Shakespeare quote
Shakespeare preaches that we must be in control of our own fate, and you must also take this advice this year. Nothing comes easily and things do not just fall from into place of their own accord. We all know success and happiness comes from hard work, so focus on taking control of your own destiny instead of waiting for something or someone to give you answers. Only you have them!
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