Are You Emotionally Strong?

Being emotionally strong is something many people misinterpret. In this quiz, we will strive to find the truth behind your emotional resilience. Are you as strong as you want to be? Let's find out.
Do you find that there are things that are too hard for you to watch or read?
No, I can see anything
I try to avoid tragic stories or stories of hurt animals or children
I try to avoid violence and horror, gore is terrible
I can't watch or read about stuff that hits a bit too close to home
As a child, you were...
None of these things
If you had a child and that child did something heinous and is now in prison, would you visit?
If they wanted me to, I'd be there every day
No, it would be too awful to see them in there
No, because I'd be too ashamed of them
If they did the crime, then I will no longer acknowledge them as my child
I would try, but I don't think I could keep it up, even if they wanted me to
How do you think YOU would do in prison?
I'd do OK, as long as people left me alone
I'd probably lose my mind within a few weeks
I would have to become a very different person or I won't survive
I would be OK, not happy but I'd manage
Do you ever feel guilty for having a better life or more comfortable life than some others?
No, I have enough problems
Yes, and it does burden me
Yes, but it doesn't affect me, more of an afterthought
Yes, which is why I do try to give back
Do you tend to start things without finishing them?
Yep, all the time
Only the really long-term projects
Nope, I finish most of what I start
From time to time
How heavy do you find the burden other people put on you?
Too heavy, people expect too much of me
Not heavy enough, I could help people a lot more
Quite heavy, but I manage
It doesn't feel like a burden, people just need taking-care of
How often do you find yourself being the leader of a group of people?
All my life, I gravitate towards leading
Not very often and I don't tend to volunteer
Ugh, who needs the hassle?
People sometimes look to me to lead and I oblige them
If gender, age and other details didn't matter - what would you do if you were in the army during a war?
I'd be a general, overlooking the war from the height of command
I'd be a medic, helping the wounded
I'd be on the frontlines, along with my fellow soldiers
No thank you, I'd be escaping first chance I get
I'd be somewhere in intelligence or analysis, away from the fighting
Which of these scenarios scares you the LEAST?
Your doctor tells you that you have stage 3 cancer
Someone you love getting stage 3 cancer
Going bankrupt because you gave all your money to help your family
Another person's child getting badly hurt while you were watching them
In the past, were you more likely to end a relationship, or was the other person?
I usually broke up with them
I was usually the one left
It was pretty mixed; different scenarios
I always left first
Haven't had enough experience in that area
I was always left
You have a very strong core of emotional strength. This does not mean you lack emotion or are "too strong" to admit when you suffer emotionally. Quite the opposite, it takes real emotional strength to look at the worst parts of ourselves and of life in the face, accept it and deal with it directly. This is rarer than most strong people realize. So many of us run away from our trigger points, the things that get under our skin. It's not their absence that makes you strong, it's your silent strength in dealing with them head-on, and believing enough in yourself to know you'll survive this as well.
You have quite a lot of emotional strength to you. This may not have always been the case, but you've never been the first to emotionally crack. You hold yourself together quite well, better than most, even. <br><br>You have the strength to admit defeat and loss at times. It is when we get stronger that we discover that we can survive things we didn't know we could, and deal with things we never want to again, but know we can if we must. While some things will break you, they are rare and far between.
Average emotional strength
You are mortal, just like the rest of us. We start so self-assured sometimes, or at least hopeful, that life is simple and that most twists and turns can be seen far before we get there.<br><br> Alas, life has taught you better. It can be harsh and unforgiving while also wonderful and surprising. Life can make or break anyone, and you have the maturity to admit there are things that can and will destroy you emotionally if they happen. That is the price of living life for most of us, and it's a fear we all face. You are not alone in the menacing night, most of your fellow humans are right there with you.
Not as strong as you'd like
Life is a harsh teacher, its lessons often unforgiving and scarring. To be scared for your emotional well-being is sometimes very logical and sometimes extremely illogical, but always based on past experience. We hold so many things together sometimes, it seems one more thing going wrong can bring everything crashing down. <br><br>You are not alone in this feeling, but you must not let it shock you into indecisiveness. Life is one big risk, but if you look at it from a holistic point of view, most risks are small in the grand scheme of life. It is our fear of our own fear and misery that is often the worst thing of all. As a president once said: "We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes."
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