How Do You Interpret These Images?

The way we see scenarios can be quite different from one another, changed by our own memories, history, upbringing and even prejudices. What you answer about these images should be your first gut reaction. That is the best way for us to analyze your choices and discover a side of your unconscious personality.
What do you see?
Average Art
A seductive woman
A mysterious woman
An evil woman
What do you think she is feeling or thinking?
She's tired/sleepy
She's feeling spiritual
She's grateful
She's in love
She's feeling regret
She's brainstorming
What just happened?
They just took drugs
They just lost a bet
They just saw their roommate naked
Their party just lost the election
Their team just lost
How does this make you feel?
I'm unsure
What's happening here?
The woman got distracted and hit the man with the food
This couple had a fight and, in rage, she smacked him with food
What is she looking at on her phone?
Dating App
She's reading her drunk texts from last night
The news
She has an incoming call from someone she doesn't want to speak with
She's taking a selfie
Social Media
What's going to happen next?
They make love
She apologizes
She gets up and leaves
She comforts him
He apologizes
They laugh
This man is...
What characterizes this person?
What is this woman thinking or feeling?
She loves the painting and wants to buy it
She's wondering why this is thought of as art
She's bored and trying to fake interest
She's thinking of something else entirely
What is the boy feeling?
The Humble Believer
You're the humble believer! You're the best kept secret around. You're an incredibly kind, compassionate, loyal and caring person who would absolutely never think to brag about it. You're that friend that everyone can depend on and you never expect anything in return. Okay, we won't exaggerate! You're not a saint but seriously give yourself the well deserved credit! You have deeply held values and a rare moral compass that keeps you down to earth, humble and kindhearted. You see the best in people and no matter how frustrated you may get at times, you go through life with an open heart and an unconquerable loyalty to the ideas, places and people you hold dear.
The Unstoppable Dreamer
You're the unstoppable dreamer! You're an idealist at heart with an intense imagination that has always enabled you to see options that others easily ignore. You march to the beat of your own drum and you often have unique ideas that others quickly dismiss.; but you don't let it get to you. You don't take no for an answer; once you've made up your mind and set your sights on a particular goal, no matter how far fetched, you're simply unstoppable. This type of idealistic tenacity is truly a rarity! You have a remarkable ability to manifest incredible things with your passionate dreams. You're a dreamer and there's nothing that can stop you!
The Creative Surrealist
You're the creative surrealist! You're a blast from the future with your revolutionary thinking and mental creativity. Whether you feel like an old soul or completely lost in this world, you're a surrealist at heart. You may not realize it yet, but you see the world through a unique lens that very few people can relate to. This may be frustrating to you at times but it also gives you incredible insight. You have a way of seeing things that enables you to create, think, see, dream and speak in completely radical and new ways. You have the mind of an artist. Tap into your creative potential and you can make a huge impact.
The Quirky Eccentric
You're the quirky eccentric! Let's call a spade a spade. You've always been a bit of an odd ball, but that's exactly what you pride yourself on being deep down. Sometimes you may be frustrated with how easily others misunderstand you, but you love being unique. You stand out and your creative inner world is a playground for your impressive imagination. You're an eclectic spirit and you've probably always felt like an "old soul". No matter what you do in life, there will always be an eccentric and fascinating world of ideas, thoughts and emotions just beneath the surface! You are truly one of a kind!
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